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The top, or bodice, is the upper part of the Bride's outfit that covers the bust and waist area - the bottom of the bodice/top forms the waist line from which the skirt will fall.


There are a number of popular bodices and tops that are used in Wedding dresses and each can be individually tailored by adding a preferred neckline, straps/sleeves and skirt. The main options are outlined in this article.




A bodice is the usual accompaniment to a ballgown or A-line skirt.


Exceptionally fitted, the traditional bodice often features 'boning' (support which runs from the bottom of the bodice to the bust to create a near perfect body shape, hold you in all the right places and support even the most ample of bosoms).


A bodice sits on the hips just below the waist and then forms a point approximately 4 inches below the navel. It is this waist line which makes it one of the most traditional looks for Bridal gowns.

There is an alternative to the bodice outlined above. 


Featuring a waistline that is rounded from hip to hip, this option sees all points of the line sit on the waist rather than protruding from it in a point.

There is a third bodice option as well.


Rather than coming to a point or sitting on the waist, this final option features a dropped-waist.


In a dropped-waist bodice, the bottom of the bodice sits 3 inches lower than normal on the hips. The waistline is normally rounded, though it can occasionally form a point.


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