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Skirt Options for the Bridal Dress

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A skirt can define a dress and say so much about the wearer's character and personality - this is never truer then when talking about a Wedding dress.


There are a number of skirt options available for Wedding dresses these days, and this article highlights the most popular ones. All of the skirt styles discussed can be incorporated in to dresses or be used separately to create an individual gown tailored to the wants and needs of the Bride.


When looking through the options highlighted in this article it is also important to remember that the matierial of the skirt can have a huge effect. For example, a pencil skirt made from satin will work perfectly for a formal affair, whilst the same skirt in crepe will look stunning at a beach wedding. With this in mind, you may wish to read the article entitled A Material World straight afterwards.


Now, on with the skirts....




The line of an A-line skirt comes out smoothly from the hips (or the bottom of the bodice if separates are the chosen option) and flows down towards the ground.


The skirt gets its name from the line that is formed across the waist (or the bottom of the bodice) producing the horizontal bar of the letter 'A'.


The skirt can fall naturally to the ground or can be supported by a net or hooped petticoat to emphasise the angle and create a fuller skirt.


Ball Gown Skirt



The ballgown is the fullest skirt choice available.


Typically, there is a noticeable ‘bouffant’ where the skirt meets the bodice - in other words it goes up and out, rather than just out and down (see the 'A-line' skirt above). The top of the skirt usually features pleats to provide for the quantity of material required for such a large skirt. The skirt itself will be supported by lots of net, hoops and petticoats to maintain the shape during the day.


A ballgown profile is your typical 'Disney Princess' dress and there are no limits on the size, in fact the bigger the better!


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