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Hemline Options for your Bridal Couture

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Whilst most of you will already be familiar with the term 'hemline', there will be some of you wondering what the heck one is! For the purpose of this article, a hemline is the line that is formed by the lower edge of the skirt element of the Wedding dress.


If a train is to be incorporated into the dress design, the hemline refers to the bottom edge of the skirt at the front only. For those readers interested, a dedicated article entitled Trains has been developed and is well worth a read.


So now that you know what we're talking about, it's on with the show.


The hemline of the skirt is one of the more simpler decisions that needs to be taken. Many Brides will already have a good idea about what they want, and even those who are open to suggestions already tend to know whether they want a full length hemline to their gown or not.


Of course, a full length hemline is not the only option. Granted, for many, the first thought that comes to mind is often that of a floor skimming skirt that either stops just above the toe or actually touches the floor itself. However, there are alternatives.


This article sets out the most popular options when it comes to Wedding dress hemlines, although you should be aware that you are only really limited by your imagination and the skill of your chosen designer or seamstress.


So, without further ado, here are the most popular hemlines for Wedding dresses....


Ankle Length Hemline

Ankle Length

Cut to the ankle, this length is great for women with overwhelming fears of tripping and falling down the aisle!


The ankle length hemline is also very practical as it maintains its traditional look but makes moving around a lot easier than a fuller length skirt.


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