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This is a pattern which is made on the surface of the main fabric by laying a number of threads next to one another.


The embroidery can either be done in a thread of similar colour to the main fabric, or one which complements the colour scheme for the day. Patterns can be made via the embroidery with floral adornments proving popular - alternatively, why not follow Princess Di and have the Bride and Groom's initials embroidered on the train! The addition of beads or crystals that are threaded on to the yarn can add even more detail. 



Again significantly cheaper than crystals, sequins are a popular adornment for Wedding gowns. Typically made from coloured plastic, they are normally circular in shape with a slightly convex appearance. Metallic coloured sequins are the most popular, and these help to reflect the light off the angular surfaces creating a somewhat sparkling effect.


Sequins are heavily used on Asian Wedding gowns and these embellishments can help to add a exotic twist to even the plainest of Wedding dresses.



Many people often forget that material itself can be used to embellish a gown. Whether it's a contrasting colour or a different type of material altogether that's used, both will help to create a stylish effect. 


Piping, laces to the the rear of a bodice, and flower buds on straps are all popular fabric embellishments, all of which help to give a dress that certain individuality. For those Brides who want to keep the dress all the same colour, the use of a different type of fabric in the same shade of the main material can add depth and character.



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