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The design of a Wedding dress doesn’t stop with the style and the fabric - that would be way too simple! Instead, it extends to include all the various bits and pieces that can be added to give a dress its individuality.


There are a whole host of items that can be used to embellish a Wedding dress, from beads and crystals to embroidery and sequins, and these are outlined in the remainder of this article.



Beads are available in both plastic and glass, with the latter proving a far classier (but more expensive) Wedding dress embellishment. A full rainbow of vibrant colours is available, from clear beads through to opaque matt pastels and metallic reflictive ones. Beads are a cheaper alternative to crystals and provide a perfect trim for both gowns and accessories.



Crystals are clear reflective objects, normally circular, square or marquise (an oval with pointy ends) in shape, though they are available in other shapes too, such as hearts or tear-drops.


Crystals add magnificent sparkle to any dress or accessory and most will reflect light in much the same way as a prism does (e.g. you will see glints of lots of different colours). Others reflect white light only and are beautiful in their simplicity.



Diamante are diamond-esque, with a flat base and are available in a wide range of shapes. The reflective, mirrored surface of the base provides a silvery look, and as a result they work best when silver, not gold, is part of the colour scheme.


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