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A Guide to the Various Wedding Vehicles Available for Hire

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When it comes to talking about the options you have for your wedding vehicles, wow, where do we start? With so many ways these days of getting to the church (or civil venue of course) on time, the whole thing has become somewhat mind-blowing.


This article takes a closer look at the most common wedding vehicles available for hire and hopefully will provide you with some inspirational ideas to help you choose the perfect wedding vehicles for your big day.



'Traditional' Wedding Vehicles


Google the search term ‘wedding vehicles’ and by far the most popular result will be for companies offering vintage or classic wedding cars for hire.


Vintage wedding cars were manufactured pre-1950 and are elegant, stylish wedding vehicles that can add a dash of sophistication to any occasion. Rolls Royce, Lincoln, Wolseley, Austin, Ford and Plymouth are leading vintage wedding car marques and they are widely available for hire across all parts of the UK. Typically white in colour (although other single or two-tone colours are also available) they are reliable, comfortable and well maintained. A generally superb all-round wedding vehicle, you can see why they are so popular. For those of you who are interested, why not check out our article dedicated to vintage wedding cars.


The term classic car is usually applied to wedding vehicles manufactured between 1950 and 1980 within mainland Europe. Daimlers, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley cars are commonly available with the most popular offerings coming in white and silver. A particularly popular choice for the Groom and Best Man, their plush interiors make for a comfortable and relaxing journey. An article on classic wedding cars is available on the site for those of you who would like to know more.



Wedding Vehicles, With a Twist


For those couples looking for a wedding vehicle that will really make heads turn, the following options could be right up your street.


Our first offering is the wedding sports car. From Ferrari’s to Porsche’s, BMW’s to Mercedes they are cropping up all over the place and a great many of them can be hired as a self-drive option (albeit at a premium). An extremely popular option for the Groom and his Best Man, there won't be a chance that you'll arrive un-noticed in one of these. An article dedicated to wedding sports cars is available on the site and is a must for anyone comtemplating hiring one.


Luxury wedding cars are similar in age to the sports cars, but tend to offer a more refined and comfortable ride. Granted, they are a little slower from 0 to 60mph but these wedding vehicles are also typically a little cheaper to hire than their sports car counterparts. Jaguars, Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s are popular examples of modern luxury cars and arriving in one on your big day will make you feel like a king or queen. For ideas and advice on hiring one of these wedding vehicles, be sure to take a read of our luxury wedding cars guide. 


Stretch limo's are a much more common sight on UK roads these days than they were just a few years ago. Originating in the USA, limousines have made their way across the pond and stretch Lincolns, Cadillacs, Hummers, even stretched Mini's and VW Beetle's are now becoming available for hire. Some people couples will love the thoughts of arriving in a wedding limouise, some will people hate the thought (we're firmly in the former camp in case you were wondering!), but whatever your opinion on this type of wedding vehicle, you can’t argue that they are understated and won't make a lasting impression on your big day! More info, ideas and advice on limousines can be found in our wedding limo hire guide.


American wedding cars have made their way across the pond in recent years and are characterised by their radical styling and visually stunning looks. Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Buicks are probably the most common names and for those struggling to picture one, think ‘Grease’ or one of those American movies with a ‘drive-In’ scene. At the present moment in time this form of wedding vehicle isn't widely available for hire, but trust us, it really will be worth your while tracking one down. More info on American wedding cars is available on a dedicated article on Weddingsday.


Our final wedding vehicle in this section is the quintessentially romantic horse & carriage. As a result of the ambience that it creates, horse & carriage hire continues to be a popular option for couples tying the knot. OK, it may not be as comfortable as stretched limo or as practical as a classic car, but wow, will you and your guests remember it forever. You can read more about the hire of wedding carriages in a seperate article on our site.



Alternative Wedding Vehicles


Forget vintage wedding cars. Forget a horse and carriage. If you truly want to be seen and never forgotten, there are some wedding vehicles that will do the trick nicely. 


Wedding tuk-tuks, helicopters and fire engines are, believe it or not, some of the more 'normal' alternative wedding vehicles available for hire. Add to the mix the humble JCB, hot air balloons and even hearses and you can see that the options are simply endless. Essentially, if it moves, it can be hired as a wedding vehicle for your big day. For more alternative wedding transport ides and suggestions, check out the dedicated article on our site.



Related: We've a host of wedding transport articles on the site packed of of helpful ideas and advice, not to mention our wedding transport directory that's filled with suppliers of wedding cars, limousines and more. For help and friendly advice from like-minded couples, be sure to check out our weding transport forum.


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