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Dress Trousers, Tartan Wedding Trousers, Wedding Shorts & More

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Now just what should the Groom and his Groomsmen wear down below? Well, before we go any further, we should tell you that there is no need to panic - we donít intend to wax lyrical over the proís and conís of boxer shorts versus y-fronts so you're quite safe on that front!


When it comes to the items to be worn, along with wedding kilts (which are covered in a separate article) the male members of the wedding party essentially have a number of choices open to them, so let's take a look at just what they are.






Striped Wedding Trousers


One of the most popular options for wedding trousers, this style works well with just about every type of morning wear. For those with any concerns, donít worry the stripe is very subtle and you wonít end up looking like Coco the Clown. A typical striped pair of wedding trousers will use dark grey as the base colour, then intersperse a thick black stripe (about 3mm) with two thin black stripes (about 1mm each, separated by a 1mm grey band) Ė the result providing a sophisticated look.



Herringbone Wedding Trousers


From a distance, herringbone wedding trousers produce a similar look to their striped counterparts. The term herringbone itself actually describes a v-shaped pattern akin to a herring's skeleton, but the weave is so intricate, that the 'v' is only really visible from close-up. As with striped trousers, herringbone wedding trousers are a good accompaniment to most morning wear jackets.



Plain Wedding Trousers


Plain wedding trousers are the order of the day for those Groom's planning on wearing a tail suit or lounge suit, although they can also be incorporated into other morning wear outfits quite successfully if required. Essentially a pair of trousers devoid of designs and patterns, plain wedding trousers are an umimposing, but smart option.



Dress Trousers


For those heading down the Dinner Suit line, there really is only one choice - dress trousers. From the front and rear, they may appear like any normal pair of wedding trousers, but look at them from the side and it becomes a very different matter. On the outside of each trouser leg you'll find a thin black satin band running down from waist to toe. The resultant garment looks both formal and classy, and makes them the perfect trousers for any wedding tux.



Tartan Wedding Trousers


Whilst most Groom's who choose to don Highland Regalia on their big day will opt for a kilt, tartan wedding trousers are a viable alternative. The tartan should be that of your ancestoral clan, but you are certainly not tied to this. Various 'national' tartans exist, as well as several designed by outfitters themselves and, just in case you were wondering, you don't need to be Scottish to wear any of them! Tartan wedding trousers and certinaly outlandish and not for the faint hearted, but they do provide the perfect solution for those too afraid to show off their hairy legs in a kilt!



Short Trousers (Wedding Shorts)


Tailored wedding shorts, worn with a belt, create a cool look and are far more comfortable to the wearer on a summer's day than a stuffy pair of trousers. Perfect for any beach wedding or highly informal outdoor affair, wedding shorts are also a good option for those tying the knot overseas in sunnier climbs. Finish the look off with a short sleeved shirt, some flip-flops, a pair of sunglasses and (if youíre daring!) a Panama Hat, and youíll look just the part as you say ĎI doí with the sea lapping at your feet decked out in your fancy wedding shorts.



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