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Wedding Travel Ideas & Advice for those Setting Off on Honeymoon

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You've arranged the ceremony vehicles and booked the reception transport but there is one aspect of your wedding travel that you still need to organise - your honeymoon transport.


When we talk about your honeymoon transport, we aren't referring to the airline you plan to fly with or the cruise liner you may be about to board, rather the journey you'll take to the first stop on your honeymoon - typically the romance and tranquility of a nearby airport terminal!


The point in proceedings that you plan to leave will have a huge effect on the method of wedding travel you choose to use - after all, if you are looking to head off in some flambouyant vehicle, it is always better if there is a crowd full of people there to see it happen!


For those couples who choose to depart on the night of their wedding, be prepared for the whole of the wedding party, plus all of the wedding guests, venturing outside to bid you a fond farewell before piling back inside the reception venue to drink the bar dry!


Conversely, if you're looking to leave the following morning (or even later) then it may be that you depart with no-one there to wave you off or, at most, with a handful of family and friends to see you on your way.


Taking all this into account, the most common method of honeymoon transport used is one of the couples' own personal cars. Typically adorned in balloons, foam, banners, empty cans that trail behind on a piece of string, and whatever other garish objects the Best Man and Ushers can find, the car provides a convenient (but often embarrassing!) mode of wedding travel. It goes without saying that at least one of couple will need to be sober, and it is probably wise to factor in a few extra moments onto the journey time to pull over and remove the embarrassing paraphernalia! That said, on the whole the personal car can be a cheap and fun mode of transport to take your first journey in as newlyweds.


The humble taxi is another common method of honeymoon transport although, if truth be told, perhaps a bit of a duller one. Decoration of the vehicle will not be allowed (unless you have a very friendly driver with a big tip in their pocket) and let's face it, 'Jim-Bob's Mini Cabs' is unlikely to be that glamorous. That said, neither the Bride or Groom has to be stone cold sober and there wonít be a struggle getting parked at the destination, so itís not all bad news. So, for all it's foibles, the taxi cab is still well worth considering.


An alternative to the taxi is to rope in some kind friend relative to drive the journey to the airport/hotel. There may have more scope to decorate this car, but if the journey is a long one, finding a volunteer could prove tricky, although a bottle of whisky or bunch of flowers could help sweeten the deal somewhat!


Finally, for those leaving on the night of their wedding, a more dramatic exit can be achieved in a hired vehicle. Be it helicopter, stretched limo or sports car, whatever wedding travel option you choose, there will be a captive audience who can be wowed - so why not go for it? OK, granted it is the most expensive wedding travel option we've outlined here, and perhaps not the most practical, but think of the faces on all those who see you zoom off into the sunset behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360!


We appreciate that the honeymoon transport is normally far more low key than other aspects of your wedding travel, but it remains something that should not overlooked. We hope this article will have convinced you of this fact!



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