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A Guide to Groom Wear Neckpieces & Wedding Ties

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Unless your choice of wedding outfit dictates that no wedding ties or neckpieces are needed, then you'll need to pay very close attention to that small piece of material that will wrapped around your neck on the big day.


Available in a huge variety of colours, designs and styles, wedding ties and neckpieces are often used to colour-coordinate with the overall colour scheme. That said, sometimes the Groom may look to choose a different colour wedding tie altogether to provide him with a degree of individuality on the day.


But regardless of what colour wedding ties or neckpieces you go for, your first job is to choose the style of the tie itself. This article takes a closer look at your five main options.



Wedding Ties & Neckpieces: The Necktie


An ideal accompaniment to a lounge suit or short jacket, the necktie can also be worn with many other wedding outfits but there are, dare we say it, more suitable alternatives. Available in a huge range of patterns, colours and materials, a single-coloured silk tie is the most popular option.


If you are considering this type of wedding tie, your best bet may be to buy one outright rather than hire one - OK, it'll cost a little extra but I'm sure you'll get plenty of opportunities to wear it again!






Wedding Ties & Neckpieces: The Cravat


Particularly popular in the latter part of the twentieth century, the cravat is still a popular choice of wedding tie for male wedding party members.


Essentially, a cravat features two wide strips of material connected to one another via a thinner piece which is just long enough to go all the way around the neck. Unlike a necktie which gradually gets wider, the cravat extends very quickly and features flat, as opposed to pointed, ends.


Always worn with a waistcoat, when tied, the cravat will leave very little of the shirt exposed and is normally accompanied by a small tie pie which is positioned about an inch or so below the top button of the shirt.


The cravat first emerged on the scene in the mid-17th century and as such has a more traditional look. They are wedding ties that works well with a wing collar shirt, and look particularly attractive when worn with a Frocks Coat, Tailcoat or Prince Edward Jacket.



Wedding Ties & Neckpieces: The Ruche Tie


Also known as a ‘scrunch tie’, the ruche is now one of the most popular of the wedding ties and neckpieces worn by Grooms and Groomsmen up and down the country.


Like the cravat, a ruche features two wider pieces of material that are connected by a thinner piece, just long enough to stretch around the neck. Tied in much the same way as a normal necktie, the ruche, with its crumpled appearance (hence the nickname 'scrunch tie') looks particularly effective when worn with a wing collar shirt. A tie pin can be worn with with the ruch and positioned in the knot about an inch below the top button of the shirt, but this is often omitted.


Ruches are the most popular wedding ties for Grooms plumping for Prince Edward Jackets, Tailcoats or Frock Coats.



Wedding Ties & Neckpieces: The European Tie


A relative newcomer to the Wedding attire scene, Euro ties are instantly recognisable from their very thin knot that billows outwards above and below. Again featuring a small piece of material just long enough to go round the neck, the Euro tie looks great with a wing collar shirt and is an ideal accompaniment to a Nehru Jacket. Due to the smallness of the knot, a tie pin is not worn with this type of wedding tie.



Wedding Ties & Neckpieces: The Bow Tie


A bow tie is instantly associated with class and sophistication and looks superb at any formal wedding. Giving the appearance of a bow around the neck when tied, both clip-on and 'tie-your-own' bow ties are available.


Ideally suited to Evening Wear outfits, the bow tie is quintessentially worn with a cummerbund, although it works equally as well with a highland waistcoat when accompanying a Prince Charlie or Argyll Jacket. Patterned and tartan bow ties are available, but typically plain block colours (red, bottle green, black, white etc.) are the most popular choice and most readily available.



Once you’ve chosen what wedding ties or neckpieces to sport on the big day, your final challenge is to tie the damn things! Remember, practice makes perfect, and outfitters will be more than willing to provide advice. If you are still struggling, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or relative to help you out.



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