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Ideas for Enhancing Wedding Reception Tables with Bespoke Wedding Tableware

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Broken crockery, scuffed cutlery and chipped glassware are simply a wedding no-no. Whether it's a side plate with a big crack down the middle, a fish knife with a huge gouge out the side, or a wine flute that looks like it's about to shatter, it's attention to these small details which can turn a wedding from a decent day out into a top notch event that will be forever remembered by all who attend. This article takes a closer look at all aspects of wedding tableware and highlights some of the options open to couples on this front.




For some, investing in wedding tableware is an extravagant option that is both uneccessary and expensive. For others, it is that finishing touch that helps add an element of class to the proceedings and help stamp ones mark thoroughly on the day. Whatever your viewpoint, there's no denying that it's preferable for everything to be pristine and shipe-shape on your big day, cutlery, crockery and glassware included.


Do Your Own Research

Whilst many wedding venues will ensure your wedding tableware is in tip-top condition, others will sadly overlook such detail. A few months in advance of your big day, be sure to head down to your wedding venue when it is set up for a wedding. Take a close look at all of the table settings and don't be afraid to bring something to the venue's attention if you spot anything that's not to your satisfaction. Remember, in just a short while, these will be the items appearing at your wedding, so this is the ideal time to make a judgement call if you need to invest in your own wedding tableware.



A Word on Cost

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for drafting in your own wedding tableware is not to avoid using poor versions supplied by your wedding venue, it is to stamp your own mark on proceedings.


Typically, you can expect to spend a few hundred pounds to hire good quality products for the day, or even more if you want to buy your own, although the latter is very rare. When you consider that you will probably already be provided with half-decent knives, forks, glasses, plates and saucers, can you really afford to spend three figures on more? Perhaps. And this is where you really need to think about your priorities for the day. If you have just a couple of hundred pounds left in your pot but still need an outfit for the Groom, then to be honest, the venue provided knives and forks will more than do. However, if you’ve got a bit of cash spare, then you could do a lot worse than ‘decorating’ the venue with your own wedding tableware.



Wedding Tableware Tips

If you do this and decide that you want to invest in your own wedding tableware for the day, then here are some suggestions and things to think about before you get stuck in:

  • If you’re drafting in your own wedding crockery, think carefully about the size of the table. Huge charger-style plates may sound a fantastic option, but if they leave little room for the favours, menus and glasses then they’re probably not a sound wedding tableware investment.
  • Wedding cutlery doesn’t have to be stainless steel. Silver cutlery can easily be sourced, or for those of you with a gold colour scheme, gold-plated cutlery can be tracked down if you look hard enough.
  • If you’re feeling flush, why not do as the Royal Family do and get your own monogrammed wedding tableware? Granted, you won’t be able to take it back afterwards, and you’ll probably not have need for 150 dinner plates anytime soon, but like we said – if you’re feeling flush!
  • What about disposable wedding tableware? OK, so it’s not the most romantic and classy of suggestions and we wouldn’t recommend it for formal affairs, but it is a cost effective solution and is ideal for an outdoor/marquee reception or for evening do’s by which time the guests are normally more inebriated and more likely to do damage!
  • Whether it’s for a welcome drink, the toasts, during the meal or for a pint on the night, glasses are everywhere. It would cost small fortune to hire in different ones for each occasion but it can be done. However, a common option is to get custom-engraved champagne flutes for the toasts (sometimes just for the Bride and Groom) so this may be an option worthwhile considering.
  • Check out any small print. Glasses can easily get smashed, plates can easily get chipped. With this in mind, make sure you know exactly how much damages to your wedding tableware will set you back and budget for at least a couple.. 


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