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Guide to Wedding Sports Cars, from Ferrari's to Aston Martin's & More.

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Eye-catching and head-turning, wedding sports cars personify opulence and wealth (even if you have just spent your last penny paying for them!) and make a welcome addition to the wedding transport scene.


From British classics like the Aston Martin DB9 to Italian supercars like the Ferrari Enzo, there's a wide and varied selection out there available for hire on your wedding day.


This article takes a look at the various options open to you, alongside costs and other key information.



What exactly is a Wedding Sports Car?


Essentially, there are two distinct types of sports cars used for wedding transport; modern wedding sports cars, and vintage/classic wedding sports cars.


The term modern wedding sports car typically relates to any sports car manufactured within the last 10-15 years. From Porsche's to BMW's, Lamborghini's to Louts's (or is that 'Loti' - who knows!) you'll be more than familiar with most of the marques available for hire. Many wedding sports cars can still be purchased from dealerships across the country (if you've got tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds to hand of course!), but some have 5-10 year waiting lists and others are sold-out limited editions. Whatever the case, unless you're a lucky lotto winner or a business exec, then getting behind the wheel of a modern sports car is the stuff of dreams, and when better to live out your dreams than on your wedding day.


Vintage/classic wedding sports cars are vehicles from a bygone era. From 1960's Aston Martin's (picture Sean Connery in Dr. No and you'll get the idea) through to 1980's DeLorean's (as 'driven' by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future) these cars still pack a punch today. Perhaps not as comfortable as the ultra-modern sports car inside, they are still typically quite plush and and can go from 0-60mph faster than the blink of an eye. You're much more likely to find unfamilair names within the vintage/classic wedding sports car market, so it really is worthwhile checking the vehicle out in person before booking so you know exactly what you are getting for your cash.


Is Wedding Sports Car Hire Just for the Groom?


It's true to say that wedding sports car hire is particularly popular for the Groom and his Best Man - let's face it, is there a guy you know who didn't dream of being James Bond when he was younger? That said, get the right car and they are perfectly suitable for both the Bride and other members of the wedding party too.


Many modern sports cars feature restrictive bucket seating ('bucket seats' are intended to keep the driver more secure when 'travelling at speed'). With this in mind, there is the distinct possibility that any ornate skirt or train on a bridal gown can become significantly creased.

Likewise, sports cars typically have a lower profile than many road cars, so access can be a little tricky for those individuals who aren't as spritely on their feet. If anyone other than a fit and healthy Groom and Best Man are to use the car, be sure to pay close attention to both car seats and vehicle access before finalising any booking.

How Much Will Wedding Sports Car Hire Cost?


With so many variables involved in wedding sports car hire that it becomes quite difficult to put an exact cost on their rental.


The vehicle itself is obviously the biggest influence on cost, but length of hire, mileage, day of the week and whether a chauffer is included will all effect the cost one way or another. A great number of sports cars can be hired by the hour, whilst others will require at least a 24-hour reservation.


Typically costs for a wedding sports car will range anywhere from 250 to a few thousand pounds (and no, that is not a typo). If you have your heart set on a particular make and model then the choice of local suppliers may be somewhat limitied - with this in mind, you may need to dig deep if you simply have to have that vehicle for the big day.


Likewise, if you insist on being behind the wheel yourself, then you should be aware that the self-drive option usually comes at a premium. To help cut costs, you may want to book a vehicle that comes with it's own chauffer. OK, it may not be quite as much fun, but it will leave you with plenty of spending money for the honeymoon.



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