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Wedding Reception Decoration & Decor Ideas & Advice

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Wedding reception decoration can help to turn a somewhat typical function room into a breath-taking vision that dreams are made of. Whilst decorations certainly need to be sympathetic to their surroundings, if executed well, they can be used to add sparkle and fizz to even the most ornate and palatial venues. This article takes a closer look at wedding reception decoration and provides ideas and creatice advice for those looking to add some flair to their big day.



Decorations are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes, and different combinations can help to create a range of various effects. Swags of tulle, clouds of white balloons and twinkling white fairy lights can give a dreamy ambience, whilst the same fairy lights used alongside candles and floral arrangements will help to provide a sophisticated timeless look. In short, whatever theme you are looking to create, a cleverly decorated venue is essential in helping you achieve it.


When decorating the venue, there are three areas of the venue that a couple may want to consider decorating; the room(s), the tables, and the grounds.


Let's now take a look at each one in turn.


Room Decorations

The prime concern when decorating any room is to work with what exists already.


Whilst some couples will hold their reception in a modern building with relatively plain decor or limited character, others will opt for a historic venue with plush wall and floor coverings, deecadent lighting, unique features and stunning ornaments. To take such a venue and plaster it with 12ft banners would be somewhat of a sin! So rather than fighting against what is already there, assess your surroundings and work with them.


There are a number of areas in the interior of the building that couples may wish to consider decorating. These include:

  • Doorways, entrances and exits.
  • Walls, windows and fireplaces
  • The ceiling (particularly in marquees)
  • Door handles and staircases
  • Any areas where the guests are likely to congregate, e.g. around seating areas, and the bar!

For inspiration and ideas on what items can be used to decorate the rooms, check out the articles entitled Floral Arrangements, Balloons & Decorations, Cutlery, Crockery & Covers and Ice, Fire & Light.


Table Decorations

At a typical reception, guests will be sat at their tables for a good few hours, and will have plenty of time to take in everything they see before them. With this in mind, it is important not to underestimate the impact that table decorations will in re-inforcing the theme and colour scheme for the day.

When considering the tables, there are a few areas that a couple chould think about decorating. They are:

  • The top table
  • The guests' tables
  • The chairs

For ideas on which items will work well when decorating tables, check out the articles entitled Floral Arrangements, Balloons & Decorations, Lights & Linen and Ice & Fire. But before you do, one word of warning. Whatever you opt for, try to make sure that you donít clutter the tables. Where table decoarions are concerned, less is virtually always more, particularly for a sophisticated affair where minimalism is key. Bear this in mind and you can't go far wrong!


Outdoor Decorations

When considering outdoor decorations of any knid, the golden rule is that it is best to avoid anything which isnít at least partly weather resistant. Exposed candles may look stunning, but when set inside a decorative vase for protection from the wind, they won't lose any of their appearance and should stay lit all night!


The sorts of places that outdoor decorationscould be located are:

  • The main doorway to the venue
  • Other doorways to the venue
  • The driveway leading to the venue
  • Any outdoor areas where your guests may congregate - a courtyard or balcony for example.

There are a number of articles in this part of the site that look at the wide range of decorative items available. All of them are well worth a read for anyone looking for ideas and inspiration, so why not check Floral Arrangements, Balloons & Decorations, Cutlery, Crockery & Covers and Ice, Fire & Light out now!



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