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Guide to Wedding Kilts and Wedding Kilt Hire

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Available in a huge range of coloured tartans, wedding kilts are essential dress items for any Groom or Groomsman planning to wear a Prince Charlie jacket, Argyll jacket or Ghillie Shirt on the day of the wedding.


Essentially a large piece of tartan coloured material, the wedding kilt will have pleats, which are worn to the rear and two 'aprons' (to give them their official name) which are worn to the front. There are estimated to be several thousand tartans in existance, although formal hire firms are likely to carry only a handful in stock, with bespoke highlandwear outfitters sometimes able to offer you a choice of several hundred designs.






Can Anyone Wear A Wedding Kilt?


It's a common misconception that only the Scots can wear kilts. In fact anyone, Scotsman or not, is free to wear a wedding kilt for their big day.


It's tradition, where possible, to choose the tartan for your wedding kilt that is associated with your ancestral clan, but again there are no strict rules about this. A number of national tartans exist (Scotland, Wales and Ireland all have their own versions) and several oufitters have even designed their own (often involving greys, creams and purples) from which you can choose. Modern wedding kilts (such as the Grey Spirit) and approved tartans (such as the Royal Stewart) are also available and you even could opt for one of these instead.


In short, your wedding kilt can pretty much be made of any exisitng tartan you wish - in fact, those Groom's with cash to burn can even design their own!



How To Wear A Kilt


Getting dressed into your wedding kilt is fairly easy process, but if you're unfamiliar with wearing one it can at first seem a little daunting. Initially, either lay your wedding kilt out on a flat surface (a bed is a good bet) and proceed to sit on the pleats, or alternatively just wrap it around you and position it centrally behind your back. Once you've done this, and holding both ends of the kilt, bring the right side round then buckle it to the left hand side. Repeat with the left side, and you're done.


When you've got the wedding kilt in place, it should come down to around the knees and sit up to 2 inches above the waist – when you kneel down it should not touch the floor.


The vast majority of wedding kilts available for hire will be the aforementioned 'buckle' variety, but if you do manage to get hold of one that isn't, be sure to pay attention to the outfitter and don't be afraid to call them if you're struggling.


A kilt pin (positioned at the front of the kilt in the bottom right corner) will add needed weight and minimise the chances of it blowing about, though be sure to only pin it through the front 'apron' to prevent damage.


Finally, a sporran adds a wonderful finishing touch, although you may need a hand when fastening it in place for the very first time.



What Do I Wear Under A Wedding Kilt?


Well, the rumours you've heard are true, for it is indeed tradition to ‘go commando’ when wearing a wedding kilt. That said, it's not a hard and fast rule, so if you're particularly shy, or if the forecast for the day predicts bitterly cold weather (I think you know where we're coming from on this one!) then underwear is acceptable – that said, only a big jessie would succumb to a pair of pants!



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