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Deciding who to invite to your wedding. Now this is where the fun really begins!


If you're reading this thinking that what you’ve already had to arrange has been tough, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. If there is one wedding topic that evokes more emotion and causes more discussion and disagreement than any other, it is the guest list.


Everyone has an opinion; your partner, your parents, your in-laws to be, your friends, even you dog and what’s more, none of them will agree (although your dog may prove slightly easier to win over than some of the others). Getting who you want at your wedding is as much a matter of tact, patience and diplomacy as it is anything else.


If you've already broached this topic with your partner or other members of the wedding party then you'll know exactly where we are coming from. That said, there may be a few of you out there who are blissfully unaware of the challenges that lay ahead. Either way, you have come to the right place.


Of course some couples will be quite happy to plough ahead and make guest list decisions willy-nilly, and to those of you we say 'good luck' - believe us when we tell you that you'll need it. For the rest of you, the article entitled Shortlisting Candidates is a great place to start. It looks at the five crucial things to think about before making any decisions - ignore them at your peril.


Once you've read that, you'll probably want to head straight to the Making the Final Decision article - it provides loads of useful ideas on how to come to that all important conclusion.


Having determined who to invite, it is then a matter of letting them know that they are the ‘chosen few’. But as well as simply letting them know that they are invited, there are a whole raft of other bits of information they need from you, and in turn, that you need from them - we think you'll be able to guess which articles deal with those topics!


Hopefully, by the time you've digested all we have to say and taken action accordingly, you’ll not only be happy with the outcome, but you will still be on speaking terms with your nearest and dearest!



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