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Gifts & Favours Q&A : Wedding Gift Registry Question

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Q: Which Wedding Gift Registry Service Do We Choose? 



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With so many options available to couples these days, knowing which wedding gift registry to choose to manage your gift list can provide tricky. However, not every wedding gift registry is the same - in fact, they're far from it and it is important that you that you shop around to ensure you end up with the best wedding gift registry to meet your needs. In particular, you need to be aware that:


Weddingsday Certain exclusive outlets will charge a consultation fee for use of their wedding gift registry service, although most are free.


Weddingsday Some registry operators will offer discounts or incentives - others won’t.


Weddingsday Some wedding gift registries are specialist in a particular field and can provide a much greater choice - this is particuarly true of eco-friendly and charitable gift lists.


Weddingsday Price can vary greatly so get an idea of price comparisons before you start – treat it as if it were your cash you were spending.


Weddingsday Most importantly, some outlets are well established and will still be in operation when you get married and won’t have run off with all your cash – make sure you get a reputable supplier!



There are three other things worth considering up front:


1. You are not confined to just one wedding gift registry – a combination of professionally and self-managed lists are OK, as are professional lists from more than one store.


2. Items are not fixed on the list – new ones can be added or un-purchased ones can be removed at any stage along the way.


3. You don’t have to have the gifts wrapped – wrapping paper can be pricey and it doesn’t do the environment much good either. Just as importantly, if you ask guests not to wrap their gifts they may even decide to spend a few extra quid on you!



Whichever wedding gift registry or registries you decide upon, make sure you arrange them well in advance of the wedding day and get the details out to the guests early - ideally at the same time the invites are sent. The more thought and effort that goes into the gift list, the better the chance there is of getting that posh bed linen you desperately want and avoiding some matching tartan slippers – unless that’s what you want of course!




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