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Getting info out to your guests is all well and good, but communication is a two-way process, so now it’s time for them to fulfil their end of the bargain.


Let’s take a look at the various bits and pieces of information that your guests will need to pass onto you. Some of the things are essential, others not as essential, but either way you they will help to ensure that come the big day you are not left wondering ‘I am sure Auntie Jenny is a veggie, but I can’t remember her telling me that she didn’t want the beef’!



What they need to tell you – Confirmation of their attendance / non-attendance.

When they need to tell you – By the date specified on the invite – at least 1 month before although we recommend much earlier if possible.

How to expect a response – Via an acceptance card or by phone call.

Essential Info? – I presume you know the answer to this one, but in case you are struggling – YES!


Food Preferences

What they need to tell you – Whether they have any special dietary requirements.

When they need to tell you – ASAP, preferably at the same time they confirm attendance.

How to expect a response – Via the acceptance card or by phone call.

Essential Info? – To some degree. The majority of guests will eat what they are given, but if you are sure that one of your guests is a diabetic or vegetarian for example, then a quick phone call (preferably by a parent) to chase this up is suggested. You don't need to phone every guest however - it may sound harsh, but if they don't tell you, it's their own fault!


Sleeping Arrangements

What they need to tell you – Not as exciting as it sounds, but for those few guests you have offered rooms to at the reception venue, you will need confirmation that they have taken up their allocation.

When they need to tell you – Usually the venue will request confirmation, and payment, a month before hand.

How to expect a response – Probably via the reception venue itself. A phone call to them a month or so before hand will allow you to keep tabs on the situation.

Essential Info? – Not really, but depending upon how you are working it, you could end up being stung for a bill, so it is worth keeping an eye on.


Dress Code

What they need to tell you – Confirmation that the guests have received and understood any specific dress arrangements.

When they need to tell you – ASAP if they have any worries.

How to expect a response – Via a concerned phone call!

Essential Info? – Not unless there is a strict dress code and there are specific requirements – black tie, Hawaiian shirts etc.



What they need to tell you – What item(s) from the gist list they are purchasing.

When they need to tell you – Just before, and soon after a purchase is made.

How to expect a response – Via the department store managing the gift list or from whichever individual (usually a parent) is in charge of the gifts.

Essential Info? – It isn't essential that the happy couple know, but it is imperative to whoever is managing the gift list.


If there are other items that your guests should inform you about that you think we've missed, feel free to drop us an e-mail and tell us about it.


Overall whilst we're sure that all of your guests are intelligent enough to know exactly what they need to tell you and when you need to know by, it is always a handy thing to be aware of. Let's face it, you already have enough to look after and every couple normally invites at least one doofus!



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