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When you think about enhancing the look of a venue to create the ultimate party theme, some of the first items that immediately spring to mind are the decorations. This article is full of wedding decor ideas to help give your wedding that wow factor.




For use both inside and outside, unique wedding decor ideas can add that touch of glamour to a room and help to liven up even the darkest of venue corners. Let's take a look at some of the main items that fall into this category and some ideas on how to best use them.




Huge banners covering vast amounts of wall space make a bold impression and are growing in popularity these days as the cost of printing continues to tumble.


Adorned with congratulatory messages or even images of the happy couple, banners can, if done well, exude fun and romance. That said, if done badly, banners can look cheap and tacky, so make sure that you shop around to get just what you want. As a final word of warning, if the banner is to go outdoors, make sure that you get one that is water resistant!



Bows and Ribbons

In isolation, a single bow or bit of ribbon can become somewhat lost in terms of the whole wedding deceoration malarkey. However, when used to accessorise plain static items or other decorative objects such as balloons or floral displays, the magic really begins.


In either ivory or a colour to match the wedding scheme, bows and ribbons used liberally around the venue will really help to pull the day together. However, if they are to be used outdoors, make sure that a craft or gift wrapping ribbon is used rather than a fabric based one - it's made from a stiffer material that will retain its shape during the day its also weather resistant which will ensure that it won't go all floppy should it get wet.


Bows and ribbons can help to add a touch of class to any plain area of the venue and they are particularly effective when used on multiple repeating objects - staircase spindles, trees etc. For those couples who want to head down this route, rather than spending hours tying knots in bits of ribbon, instead opt for pull bows - intricate items that easily create fabulous bows by pulling on integrated tags. They literally take seconds to attach and can be fastened to anything and everything from cars to tress - even your old Grandma if she doesn’t move fast enough!


Overall, bows and ribbons are a fantastic decorative item, that if used cleverly, can really add to the overall look and feel of the day.



Table Plan

OK - you could argue that the Table Plan isn't acually a decoration, and if it's simply a plain but of A4 paper pinned to a noticeboard then you'd have a good arguement. However, a plain computer generated list isn't the only option...


If you enlist the help of one of the numerous Table Plan specialists from around the country or a skilled stationer with elaborate design skills, then the Table Plan can be a thing of beauty which not only serves a purposes, but it dazzles and amazes to boot.


It's quite easy to make a real feature of a table plan and you should remember that all of your guests will need to see it, so it is well worth putting the effort in. Not only can the table plan complement your colour scheme, but it can also be used to complement any theme for the day. Elaborate framed plans or stunning 3D pieces with a Football Shirt or New York Skyscraper theme are just some of the recent creations that we've seen. So if you want to make the Table Plan into a stunning decorative piece, then the opportunity is definitely there to do so!



Whatever the theme or colour schme for the day, some form of wedding decor is sure to fit the bill. 



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