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Guide to Wedding Day Insurance Policies & Companies in the UK and Overseas

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Of course we all hope that the wedding runs smoothly from morning till night. However, and we hate to brake this to you, even with the best planning in the world, things sometimes still can go wrong.


In most cases, what goes wrong will be so small and insignificant that you will hardly notice it – in fact, in 95% of cases what goes wrong can easily be fixed with a calm head and quick mind. But on certain occasions, what goes wrong can lead to nothing short of a mini-disaster.

Read any magazine or speak to enough people you know and undoubtedly soon enough you will come across a story where the wedding dress has been ruined, the reception venue has been damaged by floods or the wedding rings have been lost. These, and a whole host of things, could (but hopefully won’t) happen on your big day – the day you have waited for all you life and the day you have spent a small fortune on. All is not lost however, well that’s a lie, it is, unless you have been sensible enough to take out wedding day insurance.

Wedding day insurance should be taken out the moment you decide upon the date for your wedding, and, contrary to it's name, certain policies can even cover you for mishaps before and after the big day.

Certain companies do not issue policies until a specified period before the date of the wedding, most in the region of two years, but we advise that you begin looking into obtaining wedding day insurance sooner rather than later.

Wedding day insurance can cover just about everything you can think of, from compensation for a double booking at the reception venue, through to payment for re-arrangement of a photographer should the first lot be ruined. Each policy is different and we suggest that you contact a number of companies to obtain both quotes and policy details before proceeding to book.

One thing all policies have in common is that they do not pay out if either the Bride or Groom get cold feet and call the wedding off - we're afraid is something that you need to sort out yourselves!

If you plan to get wed overseas, make sure that your policy covers you for it. Not all wedding day insurance policies will, and in certain cases you will need to take out specific insurance to cover such an event – again, check before you book!

Many of the insurance companies you are familiar with from television adverts and so on, do not offer wedding cover. Instead, the market is filled with smaller more specific companies who specialise in such policies. Whilst the majority are reputable, above board organisations, we do recommend that you get a feel for the company before booking – read reviews, speak to people who have got married before, and speak to the companies direct and ask them about their claims process – the last thing you need is for your insurers to go bust!

In terms of cost, the majority of insurers offer different tiers (just like your wedding cake!). Starting at around £50 and heading upwards of £500 you will find that there is a wide and varied spread. Before deciding which policy to choose, we suggest that you use your budget as a basis for what threshold of cover you opt for. Think about how your day will work – a number of insurers charge extra for marquee cover for example, so you need to at least have a plan for how your day will run. Remember that most insurers will allow you to upgrade your policy, so review the cover offered and bump it up a little if you need.

Overall, whilst we always try to advise and not preach, this is the one time that we will waver from that policy. At Weddingsday, we simply cannot recommend wedding day insurance highly enough. For a day so special that costs so much, for a bit of piece of mind that costs so little, it is invaluable.




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