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Choosing a colour scheme for a wedding can be quite tricky. Whilst some couples will have always wanted a certain colour or colours, others are literally starting with a blank canvas and lots of coloured paint pots from which to choose!

First up, we should say that choosing a wedding colour scheme is not an exact science Ė sure it's easy to say that lilac is a good option if you are getting married in the summer and burgundy a decent bet for a winter wedding, but on the whole a colour scheme (if and when implmented well) can be suitable for any wedding, with any theme, at any time of year.

So where should you start?


Well our first suggestion would be that you choose anywhere between three and five colours. Of these, one should be a white/ivory or similar, one should be metallic (gold/silver), one should be your main wedding colour (for which you have a free choice) and then, if you like, you can choose up to two supporting colours that complement your main wedding colour. This 'palette' of 3, 4 or 5 colours makes up your wedding colour scheme. 


Some of you of couse will be struggling already to visualise what colours work well together. If you are someone who falls into this category, a good idea is to pop along to any local DIY store and pick up some of the paint colour charts they readily have on display. Doing this will first of all help you to identify favourite colours and shades, and secondly allow you to see what colours are suitable matches.


Now for a few key suggestions to help choose your wedding colours:

  • Never lose sight of any theme that you have chosen for the wedding.
  • Always bear in mind the time of year that you are getting married in.
  • Work together as a couple to help pool ideas and thoughts (the bride may want the groom to wear a pink waistcoat and tie, but will her butch rugby playing partner be so happy!)
  • If you are struggling, ask friends and family for advice and suggestions
  • If you are set on a particular flower for your bouquet, why not use that as a start?
  • If you're feeling flush, consider booking a personal consultation with a colourist for the bride, groom and even the bridesmaids to see which colours best suite your skin tones.

If you have not already, we suggest that you read the theme suggestions that we have put together which may give you some ideas as to what colours will work well with your chosen theme. Additionally, the various wedding colour articles we have put togteher will show you potential shades and suggest how and where to best use them.


Whatever you do when choosing a colour scheme, keep focussed on the fact that there is not a right and a wrong answer - itís not what colours you choose, itís how you well implement them in the dayís proceedings that is most important.




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