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Ribbons, Bows, Empty Beer Cans & More in Our Guide to Wedding Car Decorations

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Whatever wedding vehicles you choose for your big day, the idea is that they are stunning enough, without the need for any additional accoutrements. But let's face it, a wedding car simply wouldn't be a wedding car without some form of decorative items to enhance it's appearance!


So whether you're a Bride & Groom looking for ideas for wedding car decorations, or a Best Man searching for suggestions on how to 'improve' the look of the honeymoon transport, this article will point you in the right direction.



Ceremony/Reception Wedding Car Decorations


For those couples hiring some form of wedding transport, the ability to decorate the vehicle will solely depend upon the willingness of the rental firm. Whilst the vast majority of hire firms will be more than happy to adorn your chosen vehicle in an array of decorative items, others may be less co-operative - with this in mind, it is essential you check things out up front (the same applies if you are hiring a vehcile from a friend or family member). Whilst many companies will provide your wedding car decorations at no additional cost, some may add a surcharge, so be sure to confirm what your quote actually includes.


Ribbons, bows and flowers are the typical order of the day when it comes to wedding car decorations. Some hire firms will be happy to supply items that co-ordinate with your colour scheme, others may require you to purchase and provide the items yourself. If it's something more elaborate than the run-of-the-mill wedding car decorations you're after, you will definitely need to supply them yourselves. Whatever you have in mind, be sure to ask at time of booking if it will be OK.


If you plan to use your own vehicle on the day, you will need to buy and fit all of the wedding car decorations yourself - or better still, get one of the Ushers or the Best Man to do it for you! Decorating the car is a relatively straightforward task, but it's easy to make a mistake. Make sure any flowers purchased lie flat so as not to obscure views (if in doubt, ask your florist for advice) and when buying any ribbon be sure not to purchase too little (5-6 meters should be fine for most cars, but if in any doubt be sure to take some measurements).


Fitting the ribbon the the car is fairly simple. First, feed one end of the ribbon through the centre  of the front grill and pull sufficient through to reach to the drivers sun visor (make sure you feed the ribbon through an open door rather than an open window). Second, attach the ribbon to the sun visor arm then close the door (note that slamming the doors may cause the ribbon to snap so close the doors gently). Repeat the process for for the passengers side, ensuring there are no loose ribbons left to flap about in transit. Finally, add pull-bows to the front grill and wing mirrors for finishing touches.



Honeymoon Car Decorations


Decorating the car that will be used by the happy couple as they depart for their honeymoon is traditionally one of the tasks that will fall the way of the Best Man and Ushers. From subtle, somewhat classy decor to something a little more over the top, there are a whole host of options out there - here are some of the most popular:


- Balloons, Bows & Ribbons: By far the most popular of the honeymoon wedding car decorations, balloons, bows and ribbons are also the least embarrising option. Bows and ribbons can be easily fixed to the outside of the vehicle (see above for instructions) and balloons can be tied to the exterior or simply crammed into the interior. For obvious safety reasons, it is traditional to let the balloons loose just before the couple depart.


- Signs, Stickers & Flags: 'Just Married' or 'Newlyweds' signs and flags can be purchased from a variety of stores and used to adorn the vehicle. From signs that stick to the chassis or windows, to flags that clip onto the bonnet or door-frame, there are a number of ready-made alternatives out there. If you want to save some cash, anyone with a small amount of computer knowledge should be able to knock together a few DIY stickers and signs in around half an hour.


- Photos & Writing: Cute or embarrasing photographs of the Bride and Groom make for interesting hoenymoon wedding car decorations. School or University mugshots, sprinkled with baby photos, engagement party images and stag and hen night snaps work a treat - you could even upload or scan them onto your computer and use them to produce a montage or two. Alternatively, writing good luck messages onto the car is a nice touch. Particularly effective when the vehicle has tinted windows, you should ensure you only use special glass marker pens or liquid chalk to avoid damaging the paintwork and glass. If you do decide to opt for either photos or writing, be sure not to position anything where they will obscure the driver's vision.


Inflatables, beer cans & shaving foam: For those 'traditional' Best Men and Ushers, attaching empty cans of lager to the rear of the car with some string is a must. OK, it's a little bit tacky and the couple will need to pull over and remove them shortly afterwards to avoid any unwanted accidents, but what the heck - it's worth it! To add to the look, messages scrawled across the car in shaving foam will do nicely. They won't last too long, especially if it's a windy day, but it's a good cheap and fun option nontheless. For the jokers among you, a set of inflatables (notably blow-up sheep and banana's!) stuffed inside the back seat and clearly visible to all are essential items.



Related: We've a host of wedding transport articles on the site packed of of helpful ideas and advice, not to mention our wedding transport directory that's filled with suppliers of wedding cars, limousines and more. For help and friendly advice from like-minded couples, be sure to check out our weding transport forum.


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