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Guide to Servers, Cake Boxes, Portion Sizes & Wedding Cake Serving

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The ceremonial cutting of the cake by the happy couple is one thing, wedding cake serving is an entirely different matter. This article takes a practical look at serving sizes, how much cake you'll actually need, wedding cake boxes, serving sets, and other handy hints and tips on wedding cake serving.



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Wedding Cake Serving

Wedding cake serving may seem like quite an unimportant task, but it's far from it - it requires time and a bit of forethought to ensure you get it just right. Indeed, get it wrong and it could hit you sqaurely in the pocket, get it right and you could save more than a little cash. Let's now take a look at the various aspects you need to consider.



Serving Sizes

Certain wedding cakes will provide more servings than a like-for-like cake of a different type. With this in mind, it is crucial that you know how many wedding cake servings you need to get out of your cake, and then discuss the options with your cake maker to ensure that this number of servings (plus a little extra for contingency purposes) is achievable from your design. You may need to increase the circumference/width of your cake or cakes, or add an extra tier to achieve this, but your cake maker will advise as to the options.


With regards the wedding cake servings, you will also need to know whether or not you want to cater for just your daytime wedding reception guests, or also any additional guests who will only be attending the evening aspect of the festivities. Be sure to factor in any friends or relatives who are unable to make it on the day (elderly grandparents for example) and any additional portions for the newlyweds should they plan to retain the top tier etc. However many portions per tier are required, make sure that the catering staff at the venue are fully briefed and informed.


As a general rule of thumb, the more dense the cake, the more serving sizes you'll be able to get from it. So, for example, a 10 inch fruit wedding cake should be able to generate more slices than a 10 inch sponge wedding cake - food for thought, so to speak.



When to Serve the Cake?

For many couples, the wedding cake serving will take place immediately after the newlyweds have carried out the ceremonial cutting, but this needn't always be the case.


If the cake is to be cut at, or towards, the end of the wedding breakfast, then serving the cake as either a replacement desert option or an accompaniment to teas and coffees is a sensible idea, but when the cake is cut earlier or later in the day, then you could always plump for a different option.


Indeed, serving the cake on platters (either carried by waiters and waitresses or adorning the end of a buffet table) is one option, whilst packaging the cake slices and handing them out to your guests as they depart is another. The latter will add a degree of cost (especially if you plump for decoartive cake boxes) whilst the other two could replace a desert course and help save cash, so if money is a concern, be sure to factor this in.



Wedding Cake Boxes

If you are giving handouts of the cake to guests as they leave, you will need to inform the catering staff how to package them and supply them with the appropriate materials - decorative wedding cake boxes are the most popular options.


Available in a wide range of styles and colours, wedding cake boxes can be themed and styled to co-ordinate with your wedding day colour scheme or theme and are perfect for securely holding a single wedding cake serving. Conical/triangular and rectangular wedding cake boxes are the two most prominent desings, but others are available if you shop about, and recycled ones that help out the environment are also on sale.


Basic boxes start at just a few pennies, with discounts often available if you buy in bulk, but costs can rise for more ornate options or if you choose to adorn each box with ribbon, monograms, decorations etc. A great alternative to cling film, wedding cake boxes are attractive, don't cost a fortune and can add a neat finishing touch to your day.



Wedding Cake Serving Sets

For those couples looking for the ultimate finishing touch to their wedding cake plans, wedding cake serving sets are available to buy and are a good investment if you plan to have the cake sliced in full view of your guests.


Often ornate and solidly constructed, you can even have your wedding cake serving sets engraved with a monogram of your initials or the date of the wedding. Not only do these make a practical implement for the wedding cake serving, but they also make a wonderful keepsake for years to come..




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