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Before determining any wedding cake decorations and alongside the decision on tastes and flavours, you will need to decide upon your wedding cake design. Looking at both wedding cake shape and size, this article provides a whole host of wedding cake design ideas, advice and tips.



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Wedding Cake Design

The last few years have witnessed an unprecedented level of imagination in the world of wedding cake design, culminating in a vast array of creative and stunning variations applying a unique twist to the norm.


Gone are the days when a squared stacked cake was present at each and every wedding. Nowadays, the design of your wedding cake is only limited by your imagination. Virtually anything is possible in the world of cake making these days, and if you have something specific in mind, you can pretty much rest assured that there is a cake maker out there with the skill and ability to craft your masterpiece.



Having said all that, most wedding cakes still remain loyal to tradition. A common sight at a great deal of 21st cenutry weddings is still a multiple-tiered cake covered in white icing, although often with a slight twist is applied.


Twists can sometimes come in the shape of additional colours being added to the cake to blend in with the colour scheme for the day, imaginative and decorative cake toppers, or numerate iced shapes being added to the cake to reflect the hobbies and interests of the newlyweds. Should you wish to retain the level of tradition with the look of the cake, there are many things you can do to add your own influence to the wedding cake design.

Wedding Cake Design - Shape

Your typical wedding cake will be made up of one or more individual cakes normally in a circular or square shape. However, take a look through any wedding magazine and you'll quickly see that the wedding cake design is far from limited to these two options. Triangles, ovals, hearts, pentagons, hexagons, diamonds – you name it, a cake can be made in that shape (you may want to avoid asking for a shape like dodecahedron of course - that’s just weird!).


Cake tins are available in many shapes and sizes these days, and with the correct incisions, there really shouldn’t be anything to stop a skilled cake maker producing tiers in whatever shape you ask for. Be wary of anyone you speak to who tells you that something isn’t possible – they may well be telling the truth, but in most cases they are simply telling you that because they don't have the skill to produce it. If you have your heart set on something then shop around and don’t let an amateur stop you!


More information on the three most popular wedding cake shapes - round, square and heart - is available in dedicated articles on the site.



Wedding Cake Design - Tiers

The norm for tiers on a wedding cake is three, and in most cases you will find the individual tiers resting on a decorative base, stacked neatly on top of each other decreasing in size as they near the top. But, as with cake shapes, anything goes and you should not feel tied to this set-up when deciding upon your wedding cake design.


Tiered cakes can be laid up in a number of different ways; the stacking technique already described, tiers on individual stands, tiers on a single stand, tiers separated by columns or pillars and tiers on ornamental stands. Each cake maker you speak to will have one or more options readily available, but many are happy to either purchase something special for the occasion (at a cost of course), use a suitable stand you provide, or alternatively hire a stand out for the day.


For more specific information on tiered wedding cakes, including lay-up and just how many tiers to have, our tier wedding cake article provides you with all you need to know.


Wedding Cake Design - Individual Wedding Cakes 

The tiered cake is typical at the majority of weddings, but of course who says that you should just follow suit? More and more people these days are avoiding the tiers altogether and opting for a quirky and eye-catching miniature wedding cake instead.
From cupcakes and fairy cakes to bitesize wedding cakes, miniature cake slices  and the croquembouche (individual cream filled choux buns), there are a whole host of mini wedding cake design options out there.
Often displayed on bespoke cake stands or presented in a conical shape rising to a peak, individual wedding cakes not only save you a cake slicing task, but their dramatic appearance will be remembered by your guests long after the day has passed. For inspiration ideas and detailed advice, be sure to check out our individual wedding cakes article.




Recommended Reading: For those of you wanting to find out more, we've a whole host of other wedding cake articles on our site packed full of expert information and helpful advice, not to mention our online wedding directory that's filled with cake makers, cake topper designers and more. For friendly tips and helpful advice take a look at our wedding cakes & catering forum, or why not check out the 'pages & websites you may like' below.


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