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Guide to Wedding Cake Cutting & Slicing

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Wedding cake cutting is a symbolic, meaningful and momentous part of the day. This article takes a closer look at all aspects of wedding cake cutting, from how to hold the knife through to how to cut the first slice.



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Wedding Cake Cutting

So you’ve designed the cake, bought it, it’s arrived and all good to go, so what now? Now you get to eat it! But first, comes the significant moment in every new married couples life – the wedding cake cutting.


Wedding cake cutting is the first significant task that the newlyweds undertake as a married couple. The Bride and Groom will stand there, the crowds gathered before them, clench the cake knife with a hand each and then slice into one of the most expensive cakes they will ever eat! Like a couple of superstars arriving at the red carpet on Oscars night, the flashbulbs will go off and a round of applause will fill the room.


While this is all going on, tradition dictates that each partner then takes a slice of the wedding cake and proceeds to feed it to the other partner to symbolise commitment and the ability to provide for one another.


So, with all this in mind, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to  the wedding cake cutting:



The Cake Knife

Firstly, make sure you have a knife handy. Whilst many wedding reception venues will provide a knife for you, you may wish to purchase an cake knife of your very own.


Often ornate and solidly constructed, you can even have your wedding cake knife engraved with a monogram of your initials or the even date of the wedding. Not only do these make a practical implement for the wedding cake cutting, but they also make a wonderful keepsake for years to come. 


Regardless of whether you plump for a bespoke knife or not, just make sure that there is one otherwise the cutting will become more of a tearing!



Holding the Knife
If may sound simple, but prior to the day you should spend a few moments to work out just how you will hold the knife.


If you have ever tried cutting something with two people holding a blade you will know just how tricky it is to do. With this in mind, have a practice at home first so you get used to how it feels.



First Cut is the Deepest

One of the most important things to consider is where you will make the first cut. Wedding cake cutting is somewhat of an art, so don't just hack away at the cake, make a precise incision that won't result in the cake toppling over!


As a starter for ten, always go for the bottom tier, but make sure that you don’t cut too far into the cake or it could lead to catastrophe. Remember, you will only need to cut two small bits off so think about the best way of doing this – the corner of a square cake is a good starting point whilst for rounded cakes, cut about an inch or two along the outer edge of the circumference.



Slice it Right

Don’t cut off two big slices, you are supposed to feed them to one another after all. The last thing you want in your beautiful dress or suit is to have your partner smearing a huge bit of cake all over your face – so save that for the honeymoon and just take a little bit off the edge.



When to Cut the Cake?

You will need to think about when exactly during the day the cake will be cut. A popular slot is after the end of the meal (you could even serve the cake as desert) or just before the buffet on the ‘Evening Do’. It will only take a few minutes, but you should enjoy and milk the cutting for everything it's worth!



Slicing & Serving

After the newlyweds have carried out the wedding cake cutting, a member of the catering staff at the reception venue should remove it and slice it ready for serving. You will need to ensure that the relevant people are aware how many slices are expected from each tier, and know how much to cut off each (this is important if you have different types of cake on each of the tiers or you wish to save a tier for another occasion such as your first anniversary).


You will also need to confirm with the catering staff when to serve the cake. If you decide to not serve the cake, but instead hand the cake out to guests as they leave, then you should also consider how they will be presented.


For more ideas and advice on serving sizes, presentation options and serving times, be sure to check out our dedicated wedding cake serving article.




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