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Guide to Vintage Wedding Car Hire - from Rolls Royce to Bentley

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long with classic wedding cars and wedding limo's, vintage wedding cars command the lions share of the wedding car market in the UK. They are both elegant and stylish, and can add a dash of sophistication to any occasion, not least a wedding.


But what exactly are vintage wedding cars, and how much will the hire of one set you back? This article addresses all these questions and more.



What is a Vintage Wedding Car?


Typically manufactured before 1950, vintage wedding cars are the quintessential wedding car. Despite their age they are extremely well looked after and very reliable, so there is little need to worry that any vintage wedding car you hire will ever break down.


OK, so unless you are some car buff, then the names Lincoln, Wolseley and Plymouth may not mean much to you, but what about Austin and Ford? Along with the ever popular Rolls Royce and Bentley wedding cars, these are all typical examples of vintage wedding cars that you will be able to hire.


Available in a relatively small range of colours by modern standards, the most commonly found is the vintage white wedding car. Some models are available in two-tone with black, maroon or dark blue roofs accompanying the white body. If you care to shop around, black, brown, maroon, dark blue and even green variants can be tracked down.


In the height of summer the combination of leather trim and lack of air conditioning can lead to a rather hot vehicle interior. With this in mind, convertible vintage wedding cars prove a very popular option and are well worth considering in you plan to marry during June, July or August.


The vast majority of vintage wedding car hire companies will provide you with a uniformed chauffer to drive you around on your big day and take care of all travel issues (as well as removing unecessary stresses of putting any dints in your hire car en route to the wedding!)


Slower than more modern vehicles, the vintage wedding car is not ideal for really long journeys, but inside they can be just as plush and comfortable as any modern-day prestige motor. That said, we can't stress the words 'can be' enough. Whatever you do, make sure you inspect the seating of any vintage wedding car you are interested in hiring very carefully as some can be more than a little uncomfortable on the posterior - you need to remember that suspension wasn't as high up on the design agenda back then!



Can a Vintage Wedding Car be Decorated?


In almost all cases, vintage wedding cars can be decorated. In fact, some vehicle suppliers will supply their cars fully decked out in ribbons, flowers, pull-bows and alike, all to match the colour scheme of your wedding and for no additional fee. Other companies may look to add a surcharge for any vehicle decoration, restrict the decoration to standard offerings, or refuse altogether. If decoration of your vintage wedding car  sits high on your agenda, it is essential that you check things out up front.



How Much Will Vintage Wedding Car Hire Cost?


With regards costs for the hire of a chauffer driven vintage wedding car, prices can vary and are often linked to the length of hire and mileage involved. You can expect to between £200 and £500 with rarer, more sought after marks, sometimes commanding an ever bigger fee.


Discounts for multiple vehicle hire can often be obtained and if long journeys are involved it may pay to search for a company with low or zero ‘per mile’ charges in order to lower the price.


Some companies offer decorative ribbons, bows, floral arrangements and even bottles of champagne as inclusive or optional extras. With this in mind, we strongly suggest that you ask the neccessary questions and check the appropriate small print to confirm what your quote actually covers before proceeding with the booking.



Vintage Wedding Car Top Tips


Weddingsday Make sure that your driver is familiar with the venue and is aware of any potential access issues.


Weddingsday If you are a Groom looking to calm his nerves with a quick drink or a couple looking to toast their wedding with a drop of champers en route, make sure to check before hand whether your hire car company will be happy for you to have a drink inside the vehicle.

Weddingsday Confirm before hand if the car can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, bows etc – don't just assume this as a given as some vintage wedding car hire companies can be stricter than others.

Weddingsday If you are planning to book more than one vintage wedding car from the same company, be sure to ask for a discount - most should be willing to offer one, so negotiate hard!


Weddingsday Some companies include car decor and even bottles of champagne as inclusive or optional extras. With this in mind, ask the neccessary questions and check the appropriate small print to confirm what your quote actually covers before proceeding with the booking.



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