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Essential questions for your Wedding Videographer

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What will you be wearing?

This need not be a question as such, and may raise a few eyebrows. However, if your affair is a very formal one, then a cameraman in a cowboy hat may not be the order of the day (not that we know of any who wear cowboy hats, but we thought it was an amusing image!), so it is worth checking out.


What contingency plans do you have?

Back-up cameras, batteries, films, and audio equipment are the phrases you are looking to hear here, but you should also ask what they usually do in the event of bad weather. There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to this question, just go on gut instinct – if you think they are under-prepared, then look elsewhere.


Can we see some examples?

Having asked all the above questions, now move onto one of the most important – can we see some examples of your work? Many will try and palm you off with an edited highlight reel, cut from different weddings they have filmed at, but let’s face it, who puts their bad stuff on a promotional video – no-one! Instead, ask if there is the possibility of viewing (and when we say viewing, we mean skim through – there is no need to watch hour after hour of some strangers getting married!) some raw footage and the subsequent edited end-product from a Wedding they have filmed at. Try to view one that is shot in the style that you favour. Most videographers will be forthcoming, and be suspicious of those that aren’t (unless they have a really good reason) and when you do get to view them, look out for smooth editing, steady filming, good angles, quality sound and an overall professional product. Having viewed the movie(s), ask yourself ‘would I be pleased if this were my wedding video?’, and you will find that you automatically answer the question ‘should I consider using this videographer?’


Armed with the answers to all of the above questions, you will find that selecting your videographer becomes a lot easier to do. Good videographers will get booked up a long time in advance of your day though, so be sure to get out there and ask the questions as soon as you have decided that you want your Big Day on the Big Screen!



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