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There are many little nuances and attributes to modern video cameras but the phrase you are looking to hear above all others is 3 CCD. Without getting too technical, CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device and is a chip that absorbs light and converts its intensity into electrical signals. Whereas a CCD camera has one chip, a 3CCD camera has three (one devoted to red, one to green and one to blue) which ultimately results in superb detail and more accurate colour representation – and we said we weren’t going to be too technical! High Definition Video Camera is a term that defines state-of-the-art (see the output bit later on in this article below for more detail) but at the moment it is really difficult to come by. Until technology advances just that little bit further, so as long as the phrase 3CCD is used then you are OK.


Camera shake is another thing that can affect video quality, so ask if a tripod and steadicam (effectively a ‘portable tripod’, except it does not have three legs… so nothing like a tripod really, but you can move it around!) are used to minimise the wobble. Any other phrases that are used to ‘sell’ the video equipment to you are wonderful, but just remember 3CCD, tripod and (to a lesser extent) steadicam and you can’t go far wrong!



Audio quality is just as important as video quality when it comes to movies, and Wedding videos are no exception. Some videographers will persevere with camera-mounted microphones, but to all intense and purposes, they are simply inadequate for Wedding movies.


Therefore the use of wireless and stand-alone microphones is crucial to obtain optimum sound quality, and you should confirm with the videographer that they will supply sufficient to cater for all necessities. For the Service, the Groom should be fitted with a wireless microphone concealed within his lapel and the Best Man and Father of the Bride should later be kitted out with similar gadgets prior to the speeches. Independent microphones should be placed in suitable locations around the venues to capture live music and the DJ’s set in order to maximise the quality.


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