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Guide to determining who to choose to film your Wedding Videos

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4.      Do you know someone who can get their hands on the kit, knows roughly what they are doing, and is willing to film what and where you ask them to?

   Y: Congratulations, you have found yourself an Amateur Videographer. Make sure that you brief them beforehand on what to film and ask to them to ensure they have sufficient battery power and film to cover the whole day. Finally, make sure that you get them a gift as a token of your appreciation.

   N: There is a phrase that involves a creek, no paddle and some brown sludgy stuff. Welcome to that creek. We cannot help you Im afraid. Just hope that someone on the day unexpectedly turns up with video camera and captures some snippets for you.


5.      Have you spoken to prospective videographers at Wedding Fairs, via telephone or face-to-face and put to them the questions we suggested and noted their responses?

   Y: Well done! Proceed to Question 6.

   N: Do it, and do it now. Then, and only then, proceed to Question 6.


6.      Is there an obvious winner?

   Y: Please refer to the No response for Question 2!

   N: Proceed to Question 7.


7.      Please rank the following in order of importance to you:

a. Hitting or beating your Wedding video budget.

b. Using a friendly videographer you feel you can get on with.

c. Filming in your preferred Wedding video style.

d. Supplying the movie on your preferred format (DVD / VHS etc.).

e. Videographer availability for the whole day.

f. An experienced Videographer.

g. Videographer location familiarity.

h. State of the art equipment.

i. Availability of Digital Editing.

j. Product quality.


Based on your rankings, now determine which videographer you have spoken to best fits the profile, starting with your top criteria working down, discarding all those who fail to hit the grade along the way. Once done, proceed to Question 8.


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