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Guide to determining who to choose to film your Wedding Videos

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Making the final decision isn’t simple, but hopefully all the info contained within the videography articles on the site will make it easier. If you still have not made your mind up, perhaps the information below will help you out.

We have prepared a series of questions, each of which requires either a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer or a ranking of preference. So without further ado, sit down with your partner and get deciding….


1.      Have you read all the videography information pages on Weddingsday?

·   Y: Proceed to Question 2.

·   N: Why not? It took a long time to write all this stuff you know! We strongly suggest that you put half an hour aside to go through it all, but if you are comfortable proceeding without then go onto Question 2.


2.      Armed with all the information you feel that you need, would you like to have your very own Wedding Video?

·   Y: Proceed to Question 3.

·   N: Why the heck are you reading this page? Proceed directly to jail, do not pass ‘go’, do not collect £200.


3.      Do you have any budget put aside for the Wedding Video?

·   Y: Without doubt, choose to go professional. Proceed to Question 5.

·   N: No budget leaves no options – you must rope in a family friend or relative to do the filming. Proceed to Question 4.


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