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Advice for those using a Non-Professional to do their Wedding Filming

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  • Editing: Traditionally, most home video camera users were of the point, shoot and hey presto variety, but nowadays more and more are becoming skilled at editing the movie on their home PC software. That said, the chances that they will be as good at this as the professionals is slim.
  • Copyright: The law surrounding the use of copyrighted music on videos is complex, really complex. In a nutshell, especially when it comes to dubbing professional music from CD’s onto a wedding movie, various fees need to be paid in order to legitimize the finished product. Whilst the chance of prosecution is minimal, every professional will (should!) have the appropriate licenses and remove all doubt – the same cannot be said of your mate.
  • Audio: The majority of DIY cameramen will not have suitable audio equipment and will rely upon the microphones in their machines to capture sound on the day. Chances are that a lot of the dialogue will be inaudible and therefore unless you can lip read, you may not be able to work out what is being said most of the time.
  • Camera-shake: Unless the amateur videographer has invested in a Steadicam then the end product picture may appear jumpy. A tripod can solve this to some degree but you are then faced with static images and a bulky bit of kit, and you can bet that old Uncle John will trip over it at some stage!
  • Zero contingency: Using a friend or family member to do the filming ultimately removes any form of contingency with regards the Wedding video. If their battery runs out, or if they didn’t bring sufficient film then tough. There is no second chance and no comeback.
  • What about them?: Filming all Wedding is not a particularly fun thing to do for someone who is there to enjoy the day. If you are to use an amateur, try to get someone who wouldn’t otherwise be there, or someone who genuinely does not mind.

It does not take a genius to realise that the advantages of using a professional far outweigh the benefits of using a family friend or relative. It basically comes down to one thing and one thing only. If you really want a Wedding video but literally have no money left in the bank, then plump for a D.I.Y. job, otherwise put your hand in your pocket and stump up the cash.



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