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Guide to Moving & Transporting Wedding Cakes

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With all the fun and excitement surrounding the wedding cake it can be easy to overlook the more practical aspects. This article takes a closer look at one of the most important practical issues of all - wedding cake transport - and provides ideas and tips on how to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.



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Wedding Cake Transport

If you have hired in a pro, then chances are that they will cover the transport and setting up of your wedding cake. However, if a friend or relative has made it or it for you, or if the cake has been purchased directly from a shop, then transporting a wedding cake to the wedding reception venue needs to be given careful consideration.



There are a number of points to consider well in advance of the big day to ensure the wedding cake transport goes without a hitch. Let's take a look at each one in turn:



Timing is Everything

Try to get the wedding cake to the venue and set up the night before - this will ensure that there's one less thing to worry about on the day of the wedding and you can rest easy knowing that everything is in place.


If circumstances dictate that transporting the wedding cake to the venue beforehand is a non-starter, allocate the task to a reliable friend or relative outside of the wedding party and fully brief them on what they need to do.



Getting it There

First up, and whatever you do, do not transport a wedding cake on the passenger or rear seat. Yes, it has been done before, and no, it hasn't always turned out OK!


Make sure there is a firm base in the vehicle and make sure that the vehicle is large enough to transport the cake. Ideally, place a foam mat on a wooden base then rest the cake(s) on the mat to prevent movement and promote stability.



Ask for Help!

If the cake is a single structure, don't try to be Hercules - instead ask someone at the venue for assistance in moving it – a cart with wheels is the best option as the cakes can be extremely heavy.



Assemble & Decorate on Arrival

If your cake can be easily assembled, and have finishing touches added at the last minute, then do so at the venue – don’t try to be clever and do it prior to arrival.


It may take a few extra moments at the venue to go down this route, but trust us, it will save a whole lot of hassle. If you are not in the bridal party and have been asked to carry out the wedding cake transport and set-up, be sure to know exactly what it is that's expected of you.



Location, Location, Location

A lot of wedding reception venues will suggest (or perhaps even dictate) where the cake is to be situated, but you are not tied to this – you are after all paying a lot of money to them and they should bend over backwards to accommodate.


Once you are fully aware of the table plan and set-up, ask yourself which location would best showpiece the cake – it is a centre-piece of the day and should be in a prominent position so choose a location that will showcase the cake to the best of it's ability.




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