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The Factors To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Transportation

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Striking the right balance of style, sophistication, glamour and practicality on your wedding day can be tricky, none more so than when choosing your wedding transportation. When determining what your mode of wedding transport will be, it is important that you consider the bigger picture before jumping straight in and choosing simply the cheapest, or most striking, or mode of transport.

This article takes a look at all the key factors that a couple should consider before booking their wedding transportation.



Wedding Transportation Route


The route that the wedding transportation must take should be given careful consideration, particularly if you are considering booking something a little different. For road journeys, look at the type of road, road surface, whether there are any low level bridges or narrow backstreets to navigate and the general busyness of the route. If you're after a more elaborate entrance by air or water, you'll need to ensure that you have the necessary rights of way secured, and that there are no time restrictions upon when the routes can be used.


It's OK to assume that the company you book your wedding transportation with will have all the routes covered, but that isn't always the case. Know the route you plan to take yourself and have a back-up plan just to be sure.



Journey Length & Time


As anyone who travels to work in the morning knows, depending upon your route, a 5 mile journey can take half an hour whereas a 15 mile journey approaching from the other angle can take just 20 minutes. It is wise to do a dry run of the journey a number of months before hand on the same day and time you plan to travel in order to ensure that you allow adequate time for the trip.


Also take time to think about other factors that could delay the journey – journeys by road at 2pm on a Saturday may well encounter football match day traffic whilst those on other days may encounter summer fairs or marches. Ask yourself how long you are willing to be in transit – a 45 mile, 1 hour journey may just be too far.



Wedding Transportation Costs


How does booking a helicopter to take you the Service then onto the Reception and finally away on honeymoon sound? Classy, but expensive. If you are set on travelling in style, make sure that you know your budget and stick to it – a single helicopter trip away on honeymoon coupled with a Vintage Car to the Service and Reception will make just as big an impact on your wallet as it will your guests!



Seating Capacity & Vehicle Access


In the majority of cases, seating for two individuals will be sufficient, but you will need to have at least one vehicle wit a larger seating capacity to accommodate the Bridesmaids. It is also a wise idea to think about the size, mobility and outfits of the passengers concerned – getting your four plus size Bridesmaids, two of whom have limps and all of whom are wearing pink frilly dresses, into the back of a 3-Door Mini may not be the most sensible selection! Likewise, if you do have a long journey think about comfort – you want to arrive feeling fresh and relaxed, not with a bad back and heavily creased outfit.



Length of Hire


Depending upon what you hire and where you hire it from, you may well need to pay by the hour. If this is the case then you might want to re-consider any decisions taken regarding sharing the vehicles or retaining them for the whole day. As is wise with all factors concerning Wedding expenditure, don’t necessarily just choose the cheapest option, but think about how to squeeze best value out of the option you have decided upon. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and shop around!


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