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A Guide to Tail Suits and Wedding Tail Suit Hire

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Many of you will refer to tail suits as either 'top hat and tails', or by their other name - the penguin suit. But whatever you call them, tail suits are a well established look that scream of both class and sophistication.


Often reserved for the most prestigious of occasions, tail suits don't get that much of a look in these days at UK weddings as Grooms plump for a less formal and more contemporary look. That said, each year across the country there will still be a number of weddings where tail suits will be worn with dignity and panache – so why not consider it for yours?



What Do Tail Suits Look Like?


Similar in appearance to tailcoats, the tail suit features a knee length jacket that tapers away from the mid-rift towards the hip. However, unlike the tailcoat, the tapering then stops, cuts back upwards freeing access to trouser pockets, then recommences towards the hips thus forming the ‘tail’.


With suit lapels like you'd find on any lounge suit, they normally feature one or two buttons, though these are typically worn un-buttoned.


Predominantly available in black, a number of white tail suits have crept onto the market in recent years.



Essential Tail Suit Extras


The quintessential look is for the tail suit to be worn with a plain white waistcoat, winged collar shirt, white bow tie and black trousers. For any Groom looking to hire a white tail suit for the wedding, colour co-ordinating white trousers are the order of the day.


You should be aware that there is a special waistcoat designed specifically for wear with the tail suit. The waistcoat features three small buttons that are close together around the mid-rift – when buttoned the result is somewhat of a cummerbund-meets-waistcoat look.



Tail Suit Accessories


Four accessories that work perfectly with tail suits are the top hat, gloves, cane and handkerchief. If the thought of wearing some of these accessories is somewhat daunting, one thing to note is that neither the top hat nor gloves need to be worn all day, and can simply be carried about if necessary.



How Much Do Tail Suits Cost?


Tail suits are traditionally hired rather than bought these days. Those Grooms looking to make a booking should expect to pay in the region of £60 to £100 per tail suit package, which typically (but not always, so be sure to check) will include all the required outfit elements. If you're loooking to push the boat out and splash out on a tail suit, a decent one will set you back around the £250 mark.



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