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Honeymoon & Travel Q&A : Surprise Honeymoon Question

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Q: How do I go about Planning a Surprise Honeymoon for my Partner? 



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These days, only a handful of weddings each year are followed up by a surprise honeymoon, but historically things were very different.

In the past it was the Groom who took charge of arranging and planning the honeymoon for his Bride to be, making the whole thing a complete surprise and even paying for the whole thing himself!


However in the 21st century, it's rare for a honeymoon to be arranged in which one partner takes no planning, preparation or financial involvement (let’s face it, whilst it is not as romantic, there’s far less risk this way!)


That said, there are still some folk out there who want to plan a surprise honeymoon but don't know how to start out. With that in mind, here are our first few of pieces of advice:


Weddingsday Check with your partner that they are OK with your plans. Many partner's expect to be involved in arranging the honeymoon and will not appreciate being pushed to the side, even if your intention is purely gallant.


Weddingsday Build a picture in your own mind of what your partner expects from the honeymoon and book somewhere according to both your desires, not just your own!


Weddingsday Do your research – this is the holiday of a lifetime and to approach it too casually would be foolish.


Weddingsday Drop subtle hints early on to test the water. Watch travel programmes or read travel magazines and see which destinations your partner takes particular interest in.


Weddingsday Avoid mentioning specific destinations – this is a surprise honeymoon after, but consider taking a look in a travel agents window and see which your partner is focussing on.



On the other hand, if you are the one on the end of a surprise honeymoon...


Weddingsday Make sure your partner knows how much you appreciate it - it will have taken a lot of time and effort into planning.


Weddingsday Make sure you approach the trip with anticipation and excitement, not dread and fear. Perhaps you are heading somewhere that has never appealed, but the research has been done and you should trust your partner on it.


Weddingsday Finally, if things don’t go as planned, do not blame your partner or make them feel guilty – they did their best.



Whether it's a surprise honeymoon or joint decision, there are a whole host of things to consider before booking and just as many to think about afterwards. Most importantly, budget allowing, look to go wherever you want and do whatever makes you both happy – this is your one and only honeymoon after all.





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