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Table Plans

As with menus, the majority of venues will provide free table plans for Weddings, although again this is something you should confirm. A table plan is essential, and if you are unlucky enough to choose a venue which does not supply one, make sure that you budget some cash to get one – the last thing you want is a free for all when the doors to the venue open! There are a number of companies specialising in the production of Wedding Table Plans and the plan can be personalised and co-ordinated to give that extra special touch. There are some stunning designs available (we have even seen a multi-tiered one recently!) so whilst they may be an extravagant extra, they may well be worth the money!


Designer Envelopes

Why settle for just a plain white envelope when for just a little bit of cash you can have custom made envelopes that coordinate with the rest of your Wedding stationery? Designer envelopes are one of the largest extravagances - in many cases they will end up in the recycling pile seconds after being seen by your guests. However, if you can afford to splash out, they really do scream ‘wow, this is one Wedding I can’t afford to miss’ to anyone who is lucky enough to receive one.


Acceptance Cards

If you thought designer envelopes were extravagant, then acceptance cards take it one stage further! Most guests will know that they will need to confirm their attendance/non-attendance at the day as soon as possible. Either a simple phone call or acceptance card from them will do just that. These same guests will also be expecting to make the call themselves or purchase and send their own acceptance card – so why, you might ask, would any couple want to purchase their own acceptance cards to send out with the invites? Well, there are three benefits to doing so. Firstly, you should hopefully guarantee a response from everyone. Secondly, the response is likely to be quick. And thirdly, it does save each of your guests buying their own acceptance cards - and who knows, they may decide to spend the money they have saved on getting you a more expensive Wedding gift!


Extravagant extras are only for those with cash to spare, but you will be surprised how much impact they can make. The cost for the above items may well rise well into hundreds of pounds, but it is small attention to detail such as this that many of your guests will remember long after the day has passed.



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