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Stag Night Costume Suggestions and Stag Party Fancy Dress Ideas

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Disco Dudes Stag Party Fancy Dress

Afro's, lycra, sunglasses, - heck even leg warmers! Perhaps one of the easiest outfits to customise yourself from your own (or your parents!) existing wardrobes or even charity shops. If you fancy splashing out a little more, the combination of spandex and wigs can result in some great ABBA tribute get-ups (the Groom would dress as Agnetha or Anni-Frid naturally!)




Mock Military Stag Party Fancy Dress

From army and marine suits to air force and naval officer attire, this is one bunch of fancy dress costumes that look ace in large numbers. A word of warning though, don't look too convincing, or you could be thrown into action should it all kick off!


Cowboys & Indians Stag Party Fancy Dress

Perhaps not the most politically correct these days, cowboy and indian outfit still prove popular with stags the world over. From gingham shirts, ten gallon hats, sherrif's badges and more to feather headdresses, loin cloths and chest plates, these outfits again look great in large numbers.

Cops & Robbers Stag Party Fancy Dress

From the tradional policeman's outfit and striped convict attire, to the more modern orange boiler suit with ankle chains to match, the 'good guy/bad guy' look is one that is ever popular with bachelors everywhere.


Porn Star Stag Party Fancy Dress

Not that we would have any idea what one of these would look like, you may wish to opt for afro wigs, shades, silk shirts and facial hair as a start. Dressing the Groom in a pimp suit with gaudy clothes and feather-adorned matching hat would help complete the overall look perfectly.

Pillaging Hordes Stag Party Fancy Dress

Whether it's as pirate masters of the high seas or rampaging vikings invading the streets and towns where you live, if there's a large group of stags all up for dressing up, then these could well be the outfit of choice for you.

Star Wars Stag Party Fancy Dress

Nothing creates a more stranger sight than a bunch of stags dressed in Jedi robes waving their flashing light sabers as they walk across the town! Or, for those of you who'd prefer to turn to the dark side of the force, a bunch of stormtroopers (even if some of the bachelors may be a little short for a stormtrooper) maurauding from pub to pub looks equally as effective. With the Groom dressed as either Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, the force is strong with these fancy dress costumes.

Individual Stag Party Fancy Dress

If you plan to head down a route that only involves the Groom dressing up with the remainder of the stags a little more low key, then there are a wide range of individual outfits out there ideal for such a situation. From mankinis and straight jackets to Mr. T. and Where's Wally, you won't be short of choice. Naturally there are a wide range of more embarrasing outfits too, with plenty of fake body bits on display. Before you do opt for an outfit which sees the Groom looking rather well endowed or as some huge inflatable lady part, be sure to confirm that where you're going will be OK with this and still let you through the door!

Of course you needn't go the whole way and get hold of formal costumes. For a slightly cheaper option, why not have some personalised T-shirts made-up? Whether they have embarrassing photographs of you all when you were younger, slogans reflecting the night out, or are embossed with the words ‘Groom’, ‘Best Man’, 'Stag’ etc. they can all add that personal touch and provide an item you can cherish and keep forever.

Related: We've a host of stag and hen party ideas and advice on the site, not to mention our stag and hen directory that's filled with party planners, costume suppliers and more to help you celebrate in style. For ideas and friendly advice from other stags and hens, be sure to check out our bespoke stag and hen forum.


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