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Ideas, Tips & Recipe for a Sponge Wedding Cake

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A very popular choice, the sponge wedding cake comes in many guises and flavours. This article takes a closer look at the sponge wedding cake and also provides a simple recipe for those amateur cake makers among you.



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Sponge Wedding Cake

If you donít fancy a fruit/spice cake or are looking for ideas for the remaining tiers, then why not opt for a sponge wedding cake. A simple cake, the finished product is light, moist and can be flavoured to suit just about any taste and preference.


Whilst its light and airy nature means that it is unsuitable to place heavier objects directly on top (such as a weighty cake topper or additional tiers of fruit or spice cake), the sponge wedding cake is nontheless becoming more and more popular at weddings as couples look for a modern take on the traditional fruit/spiced cake.



The Sponge Cake Advantage

There are a number of advantages for plumping for a sponge wedding cake, namley:


Weddingsday It tastes fantastic and is not too heavy - this means it can be served at the end of the wedding breakfast without the guests needing to force it down!


Weddingsday Popular with guests of all ages, the sponge wedding cake is likely to be much more widely accepted than any fruit or spice cake you offer up.


Weddingsday As the ingredients are typically small and inexpensive, you should find that a 12 inch sponge wedding cake is cheaper than a like for like fruit, chocolate, carrot cake or other.


Weddingsday A flexible cake, it's possible to create a multitude of elaborate tastes and flavours above and beyond a plain sponge wedding cake, thus helping you to stamp your individuality on the day.



Sponge Wedding Cake Taste & Flavours

The overall taste of your sponge wedding cake is dictated by three things; the sponge, the filling and the decoration.


Sugarpaste icing is the most popular of all the decor options for a sponge wedding cake (chocolate is covered separately in our chocolate weding cake article) and it is possible to get it lightly flavoured these days to suit the sponge and the filling. Likewise, whilst the sponge can be flavoured, it tends to be done quite delicately (although individual fruit such as cherries or sultanas can influence it somewhat more). This all leaves the cake filling as the main influence on taste and flavour.


Buttercream is the single most popular type of filling for a sponge wedding cake, either teamed with a fruit spread or flavoured with essence or fresh juices. It is made by blending together butter and icing sugar with a few drops of your chosen flavour.


Chosen to co-ordinate with the flavour of the sponge, in general couples often opt to keep it simple - a buttercream and strawberry/raspberry jam filling for a plain sponge wedding cake, a lemon buttercream filling for a lemon sponge cake etc. That said, this is your wedding and your wedding cake, so feel free to go wild in the aisles! With this in mind, how about...


Weddingsday Vanilla buttercream with jam, lemon/orange curd or marmalade


Weddingsday Fruity flavoured buttercream - lemon, orange, strawberry etc.


Weddingsday Rich buttercream - toffee or coffee for example


Weddingsday Alcoholic buttercream - whiskey and honey, rum and coconut to name just two


Weddingsday Spiced buttercream - apple and cinnamon for example


Weddingsday Fudge icing filling - butter, brown sugar, icing sugar and treacle or golden syrup.


As you can see from the above you are only really limited by your imagination and the abilities of your cake maker, so be sure to discuss your thoughts and preferences with them well in advance.



Sponge Wedding Cake Design, Display & Decoration

Easy to cut, a sponge wedding cake can be scuplted into virtually any shape you desire, from hearts and diamonds to the more traditional square and round cakes. For a more modern twist, individual sponge wedding cakes are always an option.


For any couples considering a tiered display, sponge wedding cakes lend themselves well to this set up. Either stacked or on bespoke cake stands, one option could be to go for different tastes and flavours on each tier. One thing you must remember if you are planning to stack your cakes rather than use a stand, is to place lighter cakes on top - failure to do so could lead to the whole thing collapsing in front of your very eyes!


As mentioned earlier, sugarpaste (or royal) icing is the most popular finish for a sponge wedding cake and a whole host of accoutrements can be added on top of this. Flowers, edible cake toppers, sweets and ribbons are just some of the options open to couples,but as with the flavour of the cake itself, you are only limited by your imagination.



A Simple Sponge Wedding Cake Recipe

For anyone looking to make their own wedding cakes, there are a whole host of recipes and methods for baking a sponge wedding cake available on the web - here is our simple recipe which should provide sufficient for an 8 inch cake. For larger cakes, simply multiply the ingredients accordingly, and we'd suggest producing a small trial cake prior well in advance of the big day to test things out.


Weddingsday Mix 200g of butter and 200g of caster sugar until fluffy and creamy


Weddingsday Beat 4 large eggs then slowly add to the butter/sugar mix.


Weddingsday Fold in 200g of self-raising flour and mix for up to 1 minute, then pour the whole mixture into a greased, and lined, baking tin. 


Weddingsday Bake in a pre-heated oven (at 160įC) for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.


Weddingsday Remove from oven, take out of the tin then leave to cool on a wire rack, before filling and decorating.




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