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Style, Taste, Decoration & Icing Guide for a Round Wedding Cake

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Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, from the croquembouche to the multi tiered wedding cakes that grab the attention of each and every person who sees them. This article takes a closer look at one of the most wedding cake designs around - the round wedding cake.



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The Round Wedding Cake

The round wedding cake is one of, if not the, most popular wedding cake designs about. With a welcoming and informal appearance, it's a fairly easy design to make, and can handle an array of wedding cake decorations and toppers with ease. From a simple single round wedding cake, to a more elaborate multi-tiered masterpiece, there is lots that can be done to transform it into a stunning centrepiece.



Round Wedding Cake Display Options

Essentially, and as with most wedding cake designs, there are five display options for a round wedding cake:


Weddingsday A simple single standalone cake - perfect for any wedding where the guests are small in number.


Weddingsday Stack a number of round wedding cakes atop one another to create an imposing focul point - ideal for a traditional wedding with a large number of guests.


Weddingsday Use pillars to add height to a tiered round wedding cake - if you thought the stacked wedding cake was imposing, just wait till you see this one!


Weddingsday A tiered wedding cake, but stagger the tiers on individual stands at differing heights, or on an elaborate single stand designed for such a purpose. This visually creates more 'depth' to the cake and allows for more decorative items to be placed on top (but obviously adds to the expense!)


Weddingsday Serve individual round wedding cake portions to each of the guests - a contemporary twist on the norm.



Round Wedding Cake Decoration & Flavour

Whichever display option you plump for, you will still need to consider both the cake decoration and taste aspects up front.


Cake flavour is very much an individual preference and you are only really limited by your imagination and the skill-set of your cake maker. From a simple jam and buttercream filling to something more elaborate like a rum and raisin flavouring, there are a world of options out there. For more ideas, be sure to check out our wedding cake tastes & flavours articles.


Decoration-wise, you'll be pleased to know that the round wedding cake is one of the easiest of all shapes to decorate. Once iced, its uniform shape allows you to easily adorn it with any number of designs, motifs, flowers, figurines and alike. For advice and tips on this front, our wedding cake decoration articles are packed with ideas and are well worth checking out. 



How to Ice a Round Wedding Cake

For those planning to make their own round wedding cake or who are making it on behalf of a friend or relative, it's crucial that you know how to ice the cake. Whilst buttercream, royal icing, fudge icing and more are used, the chances are that sugarpaste icing (also known as 'fondant icing', 'regal icing' or 'ready-roll icing') will be the order of the day. For the less-experienced, icing a round wedding cake in sugarpaste icing can be tricky to master, so to help you out, here's our handy guide:


1. First up, cover the sides and top with a thin layer of buttercream icing.


2. Roll the sugarpaste icing to around 1/4 of an inch thick, then place it centrally atop of the cake, wrapping a little around a rolling pin first to help lift it. There should be sufficient icing to form a 'skirt' all the way around the cake which overlaps the base by around 1 to 2 inches (or the board by 1 to 2 inches if youplan to ice that too). Sprinkle a little icing sugar on top then proceed to rub the palm of your hand over the top to smooth out any bubbles.


3. With a flat hand, gently press the icing into the cake, pushing from the top, and using circular motions, to get any air out - repeat until you are content with the finish. With the side of your hand, making a line all the way around the round wedding cake.


4. With a flat edge cake smoother, smooth the top and sides of the cake once more, then, using a flat knife, trim this excess icing away cutting as close to the cake as you dare! Again using the flat-edge cake smoother, go around the sides and top of the round wedding cake once more, flattening anywhere necessary.


If you plan to use marzipan on the cake, simply begin at stage 2 using marzipan then return to stage 1 and proceed to ice the cake from there.




Recommended Reading: For those of you wanting to find out more, we've a whole host of other wedding cake articles on our site packed full of expert information and helpful advice, not to mention our online wedding directory that's filled with cake makers, cake topper designers and more. For friendly tips and helpful advice take a look at our wedding cakes & catering forum, or why not check out the 'pages & websites you may like' below.


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