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Extra Special Romantic Honeymoon Ideas - by Chris Younger

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When you look back on your honeymoon in years to come, it will be with great fondness, no matter where you went or what you got up to when you were there. This article takes a closer look at the little things and provides you with a whole host of romantic honeymoon ideas to help you create some wonderful magical memories.


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A honeymoon is a perfect time to be extravagant and outgoing, to try things you’ve always fancied but never got round to, a time to do some extra special things. For many, ‘something special’ often translates as ‘something expensive’, but that needn’t be the case. To help you out, this article outlines some of our favourite romantic honeymoon ideas, and you’ll quickly discover that there’s something for all budgets.

Watch a sunset together

Watching the sun go down as the sea laps on the shore is the epitome of romance, and what's better, it's 100% cost free, so pull together some romantic snacks and a blanket and head down to the local beach.



Write a love poem

Either surprise your partner with something you have prepared before you came away, or spend an evening on your balcony writing one for each other. Love poems don't take long to pull together and not only are one of the most romantic honeymoon ideas, they also make a wonderful keepsake.

Go for a picnic at dawn

Head to where the land is flat and you can see for miles along with a breakfast picnic. A quick check online, on TV or in the local newspapers should tell you when the sun is expected to rise, so head out half an hour before hand and share the romance.

Leave love-letters on each others pillow each morning

Just a few words scribbled on a napkin or small piece of paper (something along the lines of ‘I love you more today than I did yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow’) placed lovingly on your partners pillow will show them just how much you care and is one of the most romantic honeymoon ideas there is.

Take along the soundtrack to your wedding

Prepared in advance, you may even be able to persuade a kind restaurant owner to play your wedding soundtrack for you on thelast night of your honeymoon.

Stay in bed all day

It is your honeymoon so why get out of bed at alll! OKm we wouldn't recommend doing this every day, but once or twice in a fortnight is acceptable!

What you choose to get up to when you are in bed all day is between you and your partner - just remember to hang the 'do not distub' notice on the door the night before!


OK - it may not sound likeone of the greatest romantic honeymoon ideas, but mentioning to everyone and anyone you meet that it is your honeymoon (the hotel, the travel agent, the transport company, restaurants etc.) is likely to provide you with more treats than you may imagine. Many freebies and upgrades are available at zero cost so long as you are willing to shout your happy news from the rooftops.


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