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Engagement Q&A : Reasons for Marriage Question

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Q: What Are the Reasons for Marriage?



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Marriage is never something that you should undertake lightly - it's a long term commitment to the one you love and is something that needs careful thought and consideration before entering into. But sadly, the plethora of 'quickie-marriages' that occur in the world of celebrities (many of which sadly lead to divorce a short time later!) often clouds the sanctity of marriage, and many couples each year will get engaged and perhaps even tie the knot without fully understanding the real reasons for marriage.


Whilst there may be no 'official' or 'strict' reasons for marriage, there are many valid grounds for marriage that exist. Indeed, any of the following could well be the reason why a couple is considering getting hitched, and each one is a suitable reason for doing so:


Weddingsday To show how committed you and your partner are to one another.

Weddingsday Because you and your partner feel it's the next natural step to take in your relationship.

Weddingsday You and your partner believe the symbolism of a religious service will add to your relationship.

Weddingsday Because you think it's the appropriate thing to do before starting a family.

Weddingsday You want to take this opportunity to show the outside world how much you love each other.


You probably noticed that we didn't mention 'becasue you love each other' in the list above, but that's because love should be taken as a given. Indeed, if love is not present then marriage should not take place. Likewise, none of the following should be one of the reasons for marriage:


Weddingsday You hope it will force a greater commitment from their partner

Weddingsday You are looking for greater financial security.

Weddingsday You are looking for greater emotional security

Weddingsday You are looking to exert some degree of control over your partner.


If you are contemplating marriage and one of the above forms part of your reason for doing so, STOP, you probably aren't with the right person. Likewise, if you think that one of these may be the reason why your partner wants to marry you, it's either time for an honest and open discussion, or to say 'Good-Bye' and not 'I do'!




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