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Guide to Prince Charlie Jackets & Prince Charlie Jacket Wedding Hire

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Perhaps the most formal of all the Highlandwear options, the Prince Charlie jacket has military roots and an imposing presence. With a very traditional look, Prince Charlie jackets have established themselves as the most popular of all of the wedding Highlandwear outfits, marginally ahead of the Argyll jacket.


For any Groom's out there who are looking to don highland regalia and make a bit of a statement at the same time, the Prince Charlie jacket is the one for you.






What Does a Prince Charlie Jacket Look Like?


The Prince Charlie jacket is instantly recognisable from its cropped appearance. With normal lapels, sometimes with a satin finish, the Prince Charlie tapers away slightly from the bottom of the lapels towards midway between the hip and the navel effectively showcasing the belt, sporran and waistcoat. The jacket then juts back to just above the hips giving a pointed appearance to the hem.


The Prince Charlie jacket is adorned with square, silver buttons - typically three on each breast, one on each epaulet, and three on each sleeve facing forwards. Traditionally worn open, the Prince Charlie jacket is available in a number of colours with black, dark blue and green proving the most popular, though much will depend on what colour tartan the wearer will be sporting.



Essential Prince Charlie Jacket Extras


A Prince Charlie jacket is normally always accompanied by a kilt. Trousers are an option, but they are more suited to an Argyll Jacket.


Any tartan can be worn, though where possible it is traditional to go with that of your clan, a national tartan, or one that has been designed specifially for the outfitters.


A winged collared shirt looks best with a Prince Charlie jacket, although plain collar shirts look OK and are an option. Reagrding neckpieces, a ruche or bow tie complements the overall look the best.


A special Prince Charlie highland waistcoat in the same colour as the jacket and featuring five squared silver buttons is the order of the day. Alternatives are a possibility, but you should be aware that the traditional look will be compromised somewhat if you do.



Prince Charlie Jacket Accessories


A sporran, decorative kilt pin (often in the shape of a sword), hose (socks - often cream or black), skean dhu (a small knife that  is tucked into the right sock), belt and flashes (small decorative material in the same tartan as the kilt that is tucked into the turn-downs of the hose) are superb accessories to wear with any Prince Charlie wedding outfit. Leather shoes or ghillie brogues (also known as kilt shoes and recognisable from the lack of tongue and the fact that they lace-up above the ankle) will complete the look.



How Much Will a Prince Charlie Jacket?


At around 65 to 100 per outfit (depending upon what items are included), hiring a Prince Charlie for your big day certainly isn't the cheapest of the wedding outfit options, but I'm sure you'll agree it is well worth it. All outfitters should include the Prince Charlie jacket, kilt and waiscoat, though you may need to pay extra for accessories such as the sporran, kilt pin, hose etc.


For anyone looking to purchase a Prince Charlie outright, expect to pay around 300 for the full ensemble. 



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