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Perhaps your main option when thinking about wedding photography revolves around the style of the shot that will be taken.


Photographers will use varying terminology when referring to what style they use so it is important that you know the main differences and what you can expect prior to any discussion.


On the whole, and to simplify things, there are three main styles of imagery; formal, candid and reportage. This article looks at each one in turn, and explains the ins and outs of them. By the end of the article, you should be abel to identify different styles simply by look alone and in turn make sure that a photographer does not try to pull the wool over your eyes by baffling you with jargon!


This is the classic style of Wedding photography as seen in many portfolios that encompasses a traditional look which many of you will be familiar with.


As the name suggests, there is much more of a formal feel to the photos with perfectly posed shots been taken to stunning effect – in fact, because they are so visually appealing, the majority of Wedding photographs in glossy magazines will be of this style. The photographer will set up the shots and take their time to ensure that everything is just right before clicking the button. Everyone in the shot will know where they should look, the facial expression they should pull, how they should stand and more. In short, every detail of the shot is perfectly staged and the result is a photograph that could grace any wall, mantelpiece or studio.


Group shots and formal portraits are the centrepiece of any formal photographer’s repertoire and you can be assured that all the key people will be captured on camera. Whilst it is referred to as ‘formal’, the photographs need not feel stuffy or mundane and a truly skilled formal style photographer will have the ability to take the shots in such a manner that they will excite and entertain any viewer. If this is your style of choice, make sure that when you view your prospective photographer’s portfolio that each shot captures your imagination and that the album as a whole doesn’t send you off to sleep - if it does, you may want to look elsewhere!

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