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How to ensure you obtain the elusive Perfect Wedding Photo

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When you are looking around your venue, try the lighting and avoid photographs that will leave you looking directly into the midday sun - your squinty eyes and nose-shadowed face will not be a pretty picture! 


Also consider potential bad weather. A shot of you and your partner standing holding hands in the middle of some trees may look stunning on a red hot day, but when itís chucking it down with rain and you are both splattered with mud it somewhat loses itís effect! Of course, whilst you need to consider the weather (and allow for rain by having some umbrellas on hand), donít let it ruin the photographs. Instead, use it to your advantage and you will be stunned how romantic raindrops and puddles can look through a lens.


Cakm Down Dear, it's only a Wedding Photographer!

Now there was once someone who said that in order to relax, picture the person you are speaking to in the nude, and to be honest that works for photographs as well (as long as they are not stunningly good looking or so odd looking that the thought of them naked leaves you in hysterics!). Relaxing, smiling and a good posture in front of the lens are the most important factors in creating good photoís, and learning techniques to do so will pay dividends on the day.


Firstly, you must remember to breathe. Breathing naturally relaxes you and calms you down Ė a photograph taken when exhaling will show a more relaxed face and body and removes tension from a shot. Relax your mouth before the photographing begins by carrying out some gentle stretching exercises on the lips and chin area or by reciting the alphabet in a pronounced way (make sure you do this whilst no-one is watching though or you may be carted off to the local mental institution if anyone catches you!).


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