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How to ensure you obtain the elusive Perfect Wedding Photo

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There is no secret to taking or starring in the perfect photo, and many would argue that it doesn’t exist. Perhaps it doesn’t, but one thing is for sure, photographs from hell do!


Now you will all have seen photographs of yourself which you simply could not show others, you know the ones where you use the good old excuse ‘I can’t remember that being taken’, where your partner cracks the quip ‘look what the cat dragged in’ or where you feel obliged to say ‘I wasn’t feeling too well when that one was taken’ to anyone who happens to see it. So wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate such shots from you Wedding portfolio alltogether? Well, put simply, you’ll be hard pushed to get rid of the nightmare shots completely, but you can follow a few simple rules to help reduce the number significantly. In turn, this will have the knock-on effect of increasing the shots that you would consider for the final album.


Getting the Angles Covered

The creation of the ‘perfect photo’ (or elimination of the nightmare ones) starts well before the Big Day. By now, you will probably be aware of you and your partner’s best facial features and the best angle to capture them from. If you are unsure, put your glad rags on, and get a friend to snap away from a variety of angles and distances – get them developed and determine which ones look the best (it should not be too hard to determine, although please note that ‘from behind where you can’t see my face’ is not an acceptable angle). Once you know what works best, make sure your photographer does too – pass the information onto them as soon as possible and make sure to confirm that the majority of snaps will be taken from angles that show you and your partner at your best.


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