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The types of film used in non-digital wedding cameras

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Unless you are using a digital photographer, then the type of film used to take your Wedding photos on will be very important to you.


Now when we talk about the film, we are referring to the actual colour as opposed to the manufacturer – for those geeks amongst you who are now devastated that we have not got a whole section dedicated to the pro’s and con’s of Fuji, Kodak and alike, we can only apologise.


Assuming that the majority of you are still reading, it is important that you understand what options are available to you. A basic non-digital Wedding photography package will comprise around 50 images for your album with about double that number being taken on the day. That said, you will find that these numbers will vary considerably from photographer to photographer. With only 100 or so shots being taken, every click of the camera really does matter and you will need to decide up front whether you want an album full of the same colour images, or a mixture.


So what should you plump for?


This article looks to explore your options and provide some key information on each colour of film. By the end, you should be able to form a pretty good idea of what you require prior to meeting with your photographer.


Full Colour

Full colour shots are rich, vibrant and enticing. It is common for albums to be taken in full colour, although there are certain images which colour cannot do true justice to. Where a colour photographs strengths lay, are in images that are rich in contrast and shade. Fo example, the Bride’s beautiful bouquet, the tiered Wedding cake in white icing adorned with a multitude of fresh fruit, the wonderfully laid out main course of the Wedding Breakfast are all images which will truly look amazing in full colour.


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