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Role, Duties & Tips on Choosing Page Boys for a Wedding

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We’ve all seen pictures of them in the movies – cute little page boys in their dapper waistcoats and slicked back hair looking like butter wouldn't melt! For those of you who want to replicate Hollywood with your own special little muchkins, this article takes a closer look at the role and duties of page boys as well as tips on choosing them.



Choosing Your Page Boys

Usually aged under 10 (elder boys are simply elevated to 'wedding usher' status), the page boys will typically be related to either the Bride or the Groom, although there is nothing to prevent a couple choosing the son of a close family friend instead. God-children, nephews, cousins and, of course, a Bride and/or Groom's own son, all make perfect and fitting choices for page boys and baby page boys make a wonderful addition to any wedding snaps.


Of course there's no set rules on including page boys in your wedding and indeed there is a strong case against. It is important to remember that young children may get overawed by the occasion and completely forget what they are doing – this can be both cute and fun or it can be frustrating and irritating. Picture your page boys throwing a tantrum just when their big moment arrives and ask yourself whether you would laugh or cry?


Bearing the above potential scenario in mind, think about your pages and consider:


a). Would the page boys you have in mind be happy and willing to play a role in the wedding or, just as importantly, would their parents be happy and willing for them to do so?


b). Would your page boys be able to understand what is going on and behave themselves throughout?


c). Would your potential page boys wind you up if they were to go all shy or throw their toys completely out of the pram?


If you are happy with all of the above, then it's on to allocating duties!



The Role & Duties of Page Boys

Traditionally the roles that page boys play in weddings is limited, in fact they don’t have any official roles at all, but if you are feeling daring they can, and often are, used to perform the following duties:


Weddingsday Carrying the train on the Bride’s dress as she enters the ceremony venue and proceeds up the aisle.


Weddingsday Carrying the wedding rings on a cushion to the front of the service venue (helping save the Best Man a potentially embarrasing situation!)



Tips For Your Page Boys

To help relax your page boys and take any uneccessary anxiety away from them, opting for two or more can help (although don't go mad with the numbers) - likewise, incorporating one or more wedding flower girls to work alongside them can help too.


Likewise, to add confidence, look to involve them in proceedings before the big day – make sure that your page boys have met, and are familiar with, both the Best Man and wedding ushers and ask one of the more responsible ushers to keep an eye on them during the day. If you are looking to alloacte them a few small tasks, helping with pull-bows on church pews and sprinkling confetti on the tables at the reception are just two options (although be prepared that you may have redo what they've done badly at some stage!).


Finally, make sure that they sit alongside their parents at both the wedding ceremony and also at the wedding reception - this way they can be can be kept firmly in their place and take away all uneccessary worry from you. Of course if it's your own child, then a seat on the top table is an option or sat alongisde a responsible relative (armed with a bunch of colouring books) is a viable alternative.



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