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Wedding Footwear Advice & Tips in Our Guide to Mother of the Groom & Mother of the Bride Shoes

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Mother of the Bride shoes (or indeed Mother of the Groom shoes) should be comfortable, stylish and look fantastic with your wedding outfit. All of this is easier said than done you may think, so this article highlights some key hints and tips to ensure that your Mother of the Bride shoes are a fashion statement and not a fashion disaster.



Mother of the Bride Shoes - Comfort


First things first, comfort is defined differently for different people. You will be wearing the footwear for a good number of hours so you'll need a pair of Mother of the Bride shoes that don't trouble you in any way shape or form. The best way to work out what it is you find comfortable, is to focus on a pair of shoes you already own that you love wearing and determine why it is you find them so comfy. Is it the material, the fit, the style (e.g. mules, court shoes, strappy sandals, etc), the height of the heel or perhaps even the make? Once you know this, choosing a pair of Mother of the Bride shoes according to what you know you'll find comfortable becomes significantly easier.


Whatever you ultimately choose, here are a few of our top comfort tips for Mother of the Bride shoes:

Weddingsday Try to wear your Mother of the Bride shoes indoors for a couple of hours a few days before the wedding - this will give the material a chance to give a little and your feet to get used to them without marking them unneccessarily whilst out and about.


Weddingsday Consider buying a second pair of Mother of the Bride shoes - one for the cermony, photos and daytime reception, the other for dancing the night away in. Not only will your feet get a welcome break if you decide to switch footwear, but you'll also have cover just in case the first pair is troubling you somewhat or encounters the dreadful 'wardrobe malfunction'!


Weddingsday If you do think about a bespoke pair of Mother of the Bride shoes just for the evening, you may want to buy a half size bigger than normal. As you'll be on your feet most of the day, they may swell somewhat, so the added half size could prove a life (or blister!) saver.



Mother of the Bride Shoes - Style & Co-Ordination


Once you know what makes your feet happy, you'll need to select the colour and style of the shoe. There are no strict fashion guidelines when it comes to Mother of the Bride shoes - in fact, it is very much down to personal preference, but here are some thoughts and tips that may help you out:


Weddingsday When considering colour, decide how important it is that you get an exact match with your dress. If you're one of those mums who simply has to have an identically coloured pair of shoes, then opt for satin pair that can be professionally dyed to match the fabric of your outfit. In no circumstances try to dye your Mother of the Bride shoes yourself. We've heard some horror stories of patchy coloured shoes when it rains, and blue feet after hitting the dancefloor for an hour or two, so avoid this cost-cutting measure whatever you do!


Weddingsday Neutral or metallic coloured Mother of the Bride shoes are the easiest to pick up at high street shops and can be a little cheaper than their funky coloured counterparts (unless you opt for a pair of designer shoes of course!). Just some options that work well are brown shoes with a cream or beige outfit, black shoes with with grey or silver clothing, navy shoes with blue or even lilac outfits, gold/silver shoes with a dark wedding suit, and ivory shoes with any number of pastel coloured garmets.


Weddingsday You may want to think about being a little more daring with your footwear colour selection by contrasting your clothing with a fuschia or red coloured pair of Mother of the Bride shoes for example. Not only will this add a flash of colour, but also a dash of flair to your whole ensemble.


Weddingsday Whatever you choose, make sure that you opt for something appropriate to your age. Overtly strappy and sparkly fashion shoes don't particualrly suit the elder mum, whilst a pair of granny-shoes on a younger mum are simply a no-no.


Weddingsday Don't opt for a designer label just beacuse you've always wanted a pair. OK, a pair of Jimmy Choo's are most women's footwear dreams, but if they just don't work withyour outfit then steer clear of them and choose a pair of Mother of the Bride shoes that do.


Weddingsday Unless you've a legitimate excuse, make sure you wear heels to the ceremony. Not only do they elongate your calves, but they'll also make your legs look fantasic on the wedding photos. Pointed shoes do likewise to the legs, so again, try to avoid squared-toe Mother of the Bride shoes where possible.


Weddingsday If the sole of the Mother of the Bride shoes are smooth, you may wish to consider scoring them with a knife to prevent uneccessary slips and trips.



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