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Guide to Mother of the Groom & Mother of the Bride Hats for the Wedding

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Hats were made for special occasions, and none more so than your child's wedding day. For any Mother of the Bride (or Mother of the Groom for that matter), the chance to don a stunning piece of headwear is one that is hard to overlook.


But before we go any further, it's important any Mother of the Bride hat is an accessory, not an essential. Don't feel that you must wear a hat, or any form of headwear, to the wedding - put simply, if you donít feel comfortable wearing one, then donít. That said, as you're currently reading an article entitled Mother of the Bride Hats, then the chances are that you are strongly considering one to adorn your flowing locks.


So, without further ado, letís tell you all you need to know about Mother of the Bride hat styling, shopping and etiquette.



Mother of the Bride Hat Styling & Shopping


There are a number of elements that go into Mother of the Bride hats, but the two most important parts that mums need to focus on are the crown (the part of the hat that covers the top of the head) and the brim (the part that protrudes from the base of the crown, going all the way around the hat providing decoration and shelter from the elements). Here are some fashion tips that may help you when choosing your Mother of the Bride hat:


Weddingsday Full brimmed Mother of the Bride hats are often a great option for cuddly mums. You'll find that the wider profile tends to suit the fuller figure a little more.


Weddingsday Wide brimmed hats can sometimes dwarf slimmer mums a little so if your frame is a slender one, be careful not to choose a hat that makes you look a little 'lost'.


Weddingsday Taller crowns and upturned brims provide the illusion of making the wearer appear a little taller - ideal for any shoter Mother of the Bride's out there.


Weddingsday Shorter crowns and turned-down brims will avoid adding any unneccessary height to the wearer and these make ideal Mother of the Bride hats for taller mums.


Weddingsday Hats are supposed to be worn firmly in place, not placed tentatively atop of you barnet or at the back on the crown. They can, once in the correct position, be slightly angled to create a little mystery and interest, but if in any doubt, seek the advice of the milliner or shop assistant for advice.


Weddingsday There really are a huge choice of Mother of the Bride hats out there (just turn on the television when the Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood horse racing meetings are on if you needed any convincing) so there really is no substitution for research. From the plain to the extravagant, try on as many hats as you possibly can, different shapes, different sizes different colours.


Weddingsday Only you can ultimately determine which hats suit your features and face shape, so seek the advice of a milliner, take heed of our advice, but ultimatley you must choose a Mother of the Bride hat that you feel comfortable wearing - with this in mind, trust your instincts.


Weddingsday If you're unsure of a hat, we'd recommend that you try on a fascinator or two. A wedding fascinator is an ornate head piece that attaches into your hair with a comb or grips, and you could find that your headwear preferences lie there.


Weddingsday Mother of the Bride hats can be hired, bought 'off the shelf' or made bespokely for the individual. Hat hire will be the cheapest otpion and will set you back around £25+. Shop bought hats will cost a little more - around £30 to £40+, whilst bespoke wedding hats tend to start around the three figure mark and rising. It's important to bear all this in mind when shopping for Mother of the Bride hats.


Weddingsday Plan ahead and make sure you allow enough time to research and buy/hire your Mother of the Bride hat. Remember, it's never too early to start!



Mother of the Bride Hat Etiqette


It's important for all mums out there to brush up on their wedding hat etiquette prior to the big day. Guests will be looking to both the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom for direction with regards when to remove their own hats and headpieces, so it's important that you have your plan carefully laid out.


Traditional etiquette dictates that for a formal affair, ladies wearing hats should keep them in place until the Mother of the Bride removes her wedding hat (think of the power!). Typically, Mother of the Bride hats are removed after the meal as historically, this was when the gentlemen would remove their jackets as they retired for a cigarette and discussions about things which were far to important to be talked about in front of mere women! Less formal affairs, typically where the meal is either served outdoors or is not seated, allow for all ladies to remove their hats after the wedding ceremony.


If you are struggling to decide when to remove your hat on the big day, it's best to take a steer from the Bride or Groom before the day and see what their views are.



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