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Ideas & Advice in our Guide to Mens White Gold Wedding Rings

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White gold is a very popular option within the male wedding ring market. Whilst not as prevelant as its yellow gold cousin, it still has a dedicated following from groom's up and down the country. This article takes an in-depth look at mens white gold wedding rings and provides advice on choosing one and ideas and suggestions for designs and styles.



White Gold and Colour

Essentially, gold comes in three different colours; yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, although some jewellers will refer to rose gold as 'red' or 'pink' gold. A common standalone option, mens white gold wedding rings have a look similar to platinum but a very different price-tag.


An alloy of gold and one or more white metals, white gold appears silver to the naked eye, defying its name somewhat. Normally mixed with nickel or palladium to create the desired strength, white gold can be strong and durable or soft and maleable lending itself well to a wide range of wedding ring styles and designs. Commonly plated with rhodium, the plating will add a reflective and virtually tarnish-proof finish.



White Gold Pros & Cons

Developed as a cheaper alternative to platinum in the 1920's, anyone conisdering white gold as the choice for their wedding ring should be aware of the following:


Weddingsday The cost - With an appearance similar to platinum, most will not be able to tell them apart. However, white gold is significantly cheaper, especially when nickel is used as the base for the alloy as opposed to palladium.


Weddingsday The durability - As well as being strong, mens white gold wedding rings do tend to retain their lustre well, especially when coated whith rhodium.


Weddingsday White gold can cause an allergic reaction - Dependent upon the metal used in the alloy, mens white gold wedding rings can cause skin irritations and trouble those with sensitive skin - this is especially true when nickel is the main composite metal.



White Gold and Carats

As with yellow gold, the quality, or purity, of white gold is measured in carats/karats  (an abbreviated version of which is 'k' or 'ct'). White gold is available in up to 21 carats, but the most popular choices for mens gold wedding rings are as follows:


Weddingsday 18k gold wedding ring - 75% pure gold with 25% metal alloy

Weddingsday 14k gold wedding ring - c.58% pure gold with c.42% metal alloy

Weddingsday 9k gold wedding ring - 37.5% pure gold with 62.5% metal alloy


As a general rule of thumb, the higher the carats, the more expensive the ring, so bear this in mind when determining which gold wedding ring is right for you.



White Gold and Style

Dependent upon the alloy that the gold is mixed with, white gold can generally be manipulated into various shapes and styles, from the traditional plain band you will probabaly be familiar with, to something more intricate and defined, perhaps to even include the odd gemstone or two. Some of the most popular options for mens white gold wedding rings are shown below:


Mens White Gold Wedding Rings

The most popular of all designs, the plain white gold band is a traditional design sported by many grooms. Shown here with rounded edges and a comfort fit, domed and squared edges also prove popular.

Mens White Gold Wedding Rings

A combination of white gold and any other metal - very often rose or yellow gold, although textured white gold inlays are also a good option. Shown here is a tow tone band with a prominent white gold band set inside two thinner yellow gold ones. 3-5 'insets' are most common, but alot depends upon the band width.

Mens White Gold Wedding Rings

Rising in popularity are mens white gold wedding rings inset with one or more gemstones, typically diamonds. Shown here is a white gold ring inset with five princess cut diamonds in a channel setting. Single stones look equally effective whilst broader mens white gold wedding rings with multiple diamonds set out in a squared arrangement also prove popular.


When it comes to the style and shape of mens white gold wedding rings you are really only limited by your imagination. So, if you do have a particualr bespoke design in mind, be sure to speak to your jeweller of preference to see if they are able to oblige.



White Gold Alternatives

If you are unsure if yellow gold is for you, there are a host of alternatives to mens white gold wedding rings out there - for more ideas, check out the following links:


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