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How to Choose the Groom Wear & Mens Wedding Attire

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With so many mens wedding attire options out there, it can be somewhat of a minefield choosing what to wear. And, when you consider that the ultimate decision comes down to the Groom and the Groom alone (and don't let the Bride tell you otherwise!), there is a lot of pressure on that one man's shoulders to get it right.


This article looks at the five golden rules which should be obeyed when selecting the mens wedding attire, and will help to ensure that the whole of the male wedding party look cool, classy and co-ordinated and feel comfortable throughout the whole of the day.



RULE #1: Don't Overshadow the Bride


How many Groom’s out there can honestly say that they have dreamed of their wedding outfit since they were a little boy. Very few we would imagine. With this in mind, the mens wedding attire should always be chosen in a way which complements, but does not overshadow, the Bride's dress.


The view that no-one, not even the Groom, should look better than the Bride on the big day is perhaps a little antequated, but merited nontheless. When you consider that the total cost of the mens wedding attire will still normally cost a fraction of the Bride’s one dress, then the reasons become more apparent as to why any outfits you choose should not get more comments and smiles than that of your future wife’s.






RULE #2: Don't Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb


At the wedding, the last thing you want to do is to stand out unintentionally, and the easiest way to do this is to choose the mens wedding attire without having paid close attention to the other plans for the day.


A flambouyent outfit is one of the the quickest ways to draw looks, but there'll be no issues with this if the rest of the day is a little bit OTT. Where you can really stand out is by being careless. If the whole of the wedding has a relaxed, informal and contemporary feel to it, then arriving at the ceremony decked up in formal tail suits wearing gloves, top hats and scarves will look more than a little odd. It is the small details that count at a wedding, and it's essential that you remember this when choosing the mens wedding attire.



RULE #3: Think About Others


Whilst the ultimate decsion about the mens wedding attire should rest with the Groom, it is always wise to discuss things first with the Bride to assess her thoughts on the matter. Likewise, seeking input from the Groomsmen can also prove a useful exercise.


We've already mentioned how important it is not to overshadow the Bride, but it is equally as important to make the Groomsmen feel comfortable and relaxed. Dressing your 5 foot friend in a Frock Coat, which is notorious for making the wearer look shorter than they are, isn't advised and telling your beer-bellied buddy that he'll be the only one without a waistcoat because they 'don't do his size' is equally as thoughtless.


Deciding anything by committee can be a nightmare, and we certainly wouldn't recommend it. But taking a few moments to think about others views and opinions when choosing the mens wedding attire is highly advised.



RULE #4: Colour is Key


It's traditional for male wedding party members to co-ordinate with the Bridesmaids, and for all members of the wedding party (Bride excluded) to wear outfits that match the colour scheme for the day. If lilacs and silvers are the order of the day, then to have the Bridesmaids wear these colours while the Groom and Groomsen go down a completely different route would be unwise, so avoid it like the plague.


Waistcoats and neckpieces are often the best ways to incorporate and pull together colour schemes, but all the suits do not need to be identical. For example, if the colour scheme is coffee and cream, then to have the Groom in a brown Prince Edward with coffee coloured waistcoat and cream cravat, while the remaining male members of the wedding party don brown Prince Edwards with cream waistcoats and coffee coloured cravats is perfectly acceptable.


Throughout the process of choosing the mens wedding attire, make sure that the colour scheme is at the forefront of your mind.



RULE #5: Plan Ahead


You should begin thinking about the mens wedding attire around nine to twelve months before the big day, and those looking to hire the outfits should aim to make a booking some six months before hand. If you plan to buy the outfits outright, you can wait a while, but we'd advise leaving it no later than three months before the day.


You may be incorrectly advised that such timescales are excessive, but having heard many horror stories of Groom's who've simply had to make do, why put it to chance? Beginning the planning period early will allow for sufficient time to browse through websites, catalogues and high street windows before making any decisions, and making mens wedding attire reservations six months before should ensure that you get exactly what you want.



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