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Ideas & Advice in our Guide to Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

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A phenomenon of the past few years, mens titaninum wedding rings have come from nowhere to be a big player in the male wedding ring market. This article takes a closer look at mens titanium wedding rings and provides advice on choosing one as well as ideas and suggestions for designs and styles.



The Titanium Look & Feel

A strong and durable metal, titanium originally found fame in the aerospace and industrial fields. With a unique appearance and look all of its own, mens titaninum wedding rings naturally appear a smokey silvery-grey colour to the naked eye.


Recessed areas of a titanium can be treated to bring out a wide range of colours, from black to gold, and the metal itself perfectly complements alternative gemstones such as rubies and emeralds. The additional ability to easily inlay titanium with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals means this versatile metal can be adapted to fit a range of tastes and preferences.


There are a number of titanium grades available on the market today - some alot more suitable to wedding rings than others. Accordingly, the two most popular choices for mens titaninum wedding rings are:


Weddingsday 'Aircraft Grade' Titanium : Comprises 90% titanium and 10% alloy (aluminium and vanadium) - this is the most popular grade used in the production of mens titaninum wedding rings.
Weddingsday 'Extra Hard' Titanium : Comprises 86% titanium and 14% alloy (aluminium, vanadium and tin). With a higher resistance to abrasion than other grades, this is also much harder to work with and, as such, jewellers may charge a premium for its use.


Other, weaker, grades of titanium are available, but their use in mens titaninum wedding rings is very limited.



The Titanium Advantage

Titanium is notoriously difficult to resize and repair, some would say impossible, but it does also have a number of advantages over other metals:


Weddingsday Titanium is hypoalergenic - Whilst some metals can cause skin irritations, titanium has a hypoalergenic quality to it, making it an ideal choice for those men with sensitive skin.


Weddingsday Titanium is a stronger metal than gold, more durable than silver, and considerably lighter than platinum.


Weddingsday Titanium isn't expnsive - As one of the cheapest metals around, mens titaninum wedding rings are, on the whole, substantially cheaper than all their male wedding ring counterparts. Inlay any precious metal or inset a gemstone and the price will naturally shoot up, but keep it simple and you'll save a fortune.



Titanium and Style

A superbly strong metal, titanium can still be used to produce some wonderful designs and styles. Some of the most popular options for mens titanium wedding rings are shown below:


Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

Popular and low in cost, a plain mens titanium wedding ring is both simple and understated. Shown here with round edges, domed is also available and whilst squared edges prove particularly popular.

Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

A combination of titanium and any other metal - or sometimes just a differently treated version of its own. Shown here is a two tone titanium wedding ring with a sandblasted rose gold inset. Titanium can be mixed with any metal to stunning effect and annodized titanium insets, in colours from black to purple, often prove a big hit.

Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

Rising in popularity are mens titanium wedding rings inset with a gemstone. Due to the low cost of the metal, this can free up extra cash to spend on diamonds, rubies et al. Shown here with a single round cut diamond inset into a tow tone titanium band.


When it comes to the style and shape of mens titanium wedding rings you do have a whole host of options. So, if you do have a particular bespoke design in mind, be sure to speak to your jeweller of preference to see if they are able to accomodate.



Titanium Alternatives

If you are unsure if titanium is for you, there are a host of alternatives to mens titanium wedding rings out there - for more ideas, check out the following links:


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